CURRENTLY splashin' into August!!

I swear I blinked and August arrived.


And that means it's almost the end of summer.

(insert sad face).

But it also means that I am this months 


Woot! Woot! *fist pumps*

Well, I am fist pumping in spirit.

I am exhausted, ESY ended yesterday.


but anyway.....

Thank you lots Farley!

Did I mention I was exhausted?

Yes, so this will be BRIEF.

We are all forever learners and EVERYTHING 
I wrote is self explanatory.


What are some of your must haves for Back2School?

Comment them down below and on instagram with 
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  1. I completely understand the need to cook real food and not rely on fast food - hopefully now I've started the summer holidays I can find some time to do that! Enjoy the last 2 weeks of your summer - there's lots you can do in that time!
    Growing Little Learners

  2. I know what you mean about eating out... or driving through... we need to stop doing that soooo much!!! I need to meal plan better :)
    thanks so much for being the sponsor this month... I hope it brings you lots of BLOG LOVE!!!!

  3. I had to have a talk with myself about the fast food today. My jeans were snug. This cannot be! I said to myself in front of the mirror. But the other me just sort of shrugged and told the other me to put on a baggier shirt. I'm hoping that the routine of going back to school and never actually having time to eat will help resolve the issue.
    The Meek Moose

  4. Ah Netflix... so much time wasted because of it. Haha! Good luck on your To Do List.

  5. Oh my gosh, I am so with you on that "fast food streak"! It's been rough. I blame the heat, but really I think I'm just being lazy hahaha

    Tasha Emmerson
    Confessions of a Tiny Teacher

  6. Yep, that darn drive up window is so EASY... but I've discovered bags of chop salads at the grocery store. They have cabbage and kale instead of lettuce and they are really good, fast, and at about four bucks, cheaper than even fast food! See you around! Kathleen

  7. My fast food weakness during the summer is a McFlurry!! Yep! I love to eat, and always gain 5-10 pounds during the summer. I just don't understand why??? Must be all that laying around the pool, reading, watching movies, and eating, drinking, eating some more! With only ONE week left for me, I put myself on a Calorie Counting, swim laps, and at least 50 squats a day diet! Hopefully I'll be able to button my work clothes next week. I don't think my principal would appreciate me showin up in my swim suit! Ha! Glad I found your blog! I'm one of your newest followers! Fellow 4th Grade Teacher!


  8. Crafting is fun! My sister and I started stamping last July and we have been doing it now for a year. She has been a bit more gung ho than me, but partly is because crafting can be such an $$ hobby. I mean, classroom decorating already is getting super $$ for me and on top of stamping...damn...I have no money left after my paycheck. What have you been crafting?


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