Wordless Wednesday: Getting BACK 2 SCHOOL

I almost missed it!

I am on my way to bed to prepare for the LAST DAY OF ESY!!!

But I wanted to pop online for Wordless Wednesday.

And I just had to ask,

How are you preparing yourself 

for the new school year?


What are some of your favorite things?

Stay tuned for some of my fav "get ready" things.... 
and some from a few cool teacher friends of mine!!

Crafty Files #1: Christmas in July

Confession: I almost ALWAYS have to be creating something.

My most recent interest include Copic Markers, 
Digital/Rubber Stamps....and Cardmaking.

Spoiler Alert: My two worlds are colliding!

Anyway, one of the stamp companies I am digging on lately is called The Greeting Farm. Every Friday or so they host a Challenge on their blog. I am pretty new, so I have been watching from afar.

Until this week- CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

Farm Fresh Friday: Christmas in July

I usually use digital stamps, so this was my 
VERY FIRST time even stamping an image....

It was also MY FIRST TIME...using my Greeting Farm Stamps.

I think it came out pretty cute, though cutting out those images with an EXACTO was not my idea of a good time. 

I definitely see cut files in my future.

Any of you guys crafty?

Wordless Wednesday: Draw-A-Story

Happy Wednesday!

It is ESY Week 4. 

That means there is ONLY ONE week to go!!

 And one day until my "weekend"!!

*does happy dance*

Today one of my students showed a little "creative" expression.

And it included little ol' me.

Just in case you're wondering, it says: 

"Ms. Tidwell, my brother and me are at the pool. Ms. Tidwell was sitting by the pool. I came by and pushed her in the water. My brother and I started laughing. Ms. Tidwell started swimming."

So on this Wordless Wednesday, I pose the following question:

Have you ever made a debut into your student's work? Comment about it below!

For those interested in this assignment, it is from a website called

To save you some time, I loaded it up on my Google Drive.

Make sure you link up this Wordless Wednesday and the next!!!

Wordless Wednesday: Techie Resources

As you may have read, I am teaching Extended School Year (ESY), which is summer school that focuses specifically on student's Individualized Education Programs (IEP).

Jargon dump? Yeah, I did.

So today, I was thinking about student learning, and how we can use the technology that all of us MOST learners, young and old, are so engulfed in. 

Of course, this is "Wordless Wednesday", the day I always have SO MUCH to say so, I HAD to link up so that I could #takeit2thablog and pose the question to you guys....

How do you use technology to reinforce Reading and Math Intervention?

Comment your resources below!!

I  also wanted to leave a list of links to a few of my faves and resources I have used in the past. Sorry to say, that NONE of them are free. If you work at a Title 1 school like me, you may can work your magic and get it granted or something, or get your school to try...etc.

3. Accelerated Math and Reading

Of course I couldn't not leave a random meme at the end.

It's kinda my thing.

Now it's your turn! 

Link up with Wordless Wednesday's over at Sugar and Spice.

E..S...WHY-OH-WHY :-/

Before I jump into it..........

Is anyone watching the 
Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family? 

I am the BIGGEST Harry Potter geek. EVER

Man, I have been glued to the telly (lol, yeah I said telly) on and off since friday afternoon watching ALL of the HP films. 

It is 8:30 EST and they are now on the last film.

What's sad hilarious is I own all of the movies and books already.

*shakes head*

Anyway, while I have been watching....

I was creating ESY progress reports (movie screams).

What's ESY?

Extended School Year (ESY), for those who do not know, is summer school for students with special needs. The program focuses on IEP goals that the team feels are crucial skills the students need to work on year round.

Or so they say....

My rant is for "click happy" teachers/ case managers.



So why leave me a IEP with 9 goals- with multiple objectives per goal ...AND MAKE THEM ALL FRICKIN ESY REQUIRED!!!

So basically you are making me retype the IEP and stress on the heck I would try to cover all those goals with the stack of worksheets you printed off super teacher worksheets dot com.

Even further, how come all the students on your load in my class have the same critical goals? And working with them for 2 weeks only so far I see otherwise.

C'mon, you gotta do better people.

Some people get lazy and forget an IEP is a legal document.

Oh, and I am working on the assumption that everyone 
knows what an IEP is that has gotten this far. 

So, what have I been doing for the last 3 hours?
Inputting 7 student goals into word to "proactively" 
prep for progress reports. 

I am not one of those teachers that likes to 
perform under pressure, so I am glad I decided
to sprinkle a little Potter over top of this
busy work.

Now that I am all done I can get back to the magic.

Now if only there was a spell to finish my 
laundry and cook my dinner.

It's Currently the 4th of July!

Happy 4th EVERYONE!

I had to take time to link up with 
Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade for CURRENTLY.

It is my favorite linky-duh.

Anyway, here goes....

In attempts to keep this "short and sweet", 
I'm not going to say much here. I bet everyone
 is out stuffing their faces, watching fireworks 
or laying on their bed too tired from eating 
their weight in hotdogs.

 With that being said I am going 
to pick one important blurb about
 each statement above and try to keep 
my rabbling in check.

LISTENING: It NEVER turns off. Always on to the
next thing to do, see, read, make etc.

LOVING: Now that I going into my 2nd year 
with this school district, I am able too relax some
and get involved in volunteering and my art again.

THINKING: My hair is a hot mess. I need to think of 
something AND FAST. My house looks great-yay! 
Just a few things are out of order, like hanging up some
clothes and laundry.

WANTING: One of my new passions- Copic Markers. There 
is a technique to coloring/shading/blending skin and 
hair and this blogger created online classes. I am 
so ready to sign-up!



4th plans: I had a good time at the cookout :-)
I just hope I will be able to tear myself
away from Netflix. I am only on Season 1.

Okay that is it! 
Make sure you link up with Oh Boy 4th Grade!

I would love to hear how great your July is starting out.

Miss Tidwell is....... MISSING!

Hey, remember me? Viola Swamp ( tee hee- hee!)


I'm the one who has totally and completely neglected
 my blog for the last hundred 2 or so weeks.

I can explain.

I went on vacation, boycotted social media 
and never came back.

Not really, but I did take a week to relax....


The funny thing is, relaxing is my "de-motivator".

Wait- Is that a word? I don't care its summer! 

I have to always be doing something.

Is that a teaching style?


But it was brought to my attention that I have 
been out of the bloggy loop. 

So I wanted to pop in and let you know that 
July will bring many many posts.

Starting tomorrow.

I just need one more day.

I use to leave this book with my substitute 
when I taught 5th grade a few years back. 

My very 1st year teaching.

It was totally necessary.

And my kiddos loved it, because their names 
are added inside.