Five 4 Friday:the LAST friday in May!

I feel like it has been forever since 
I Five 4 Friday'd it up. 

Well it Has and Has Not.

Last time I linked up on a Fraturday.

So today, on this very last Friday in May,

I just had too. 

I feel like it is in the Blogging Handbook.

On Fridays, thou must link up with Doodle Bugs.

So, without further pointless rambling....

One: I've gon Copic Crazy!!

After some serious soul searching,I have decided to 

And with a little You Tube browsing I found out
about these lovely babies.

But man are they pricey!

But I still bought some.

As we speak I am waiting for a shipment (due tomorrow)
of their Special Edition Set w/ the black barrels.

And like 23 individuals. AHHH!!!

But while I wait I had to take advantage of 
Michaels Memorial Sale!

So I went in for 1 marker.

Silly me.

I got one and asked to go through the line again.
And lucky me the manager said yes!


I went through and intended to by two more.

Then I picked up another.

And found out that one was reduced to $1.99

So hence lucky number five. Also $1.99

*V000 and V01

I also ordered that cool looking Copic Inventory booklet.

That I did not need but.....

I also did not need Studio 3 Solutions Color Cubbies.

But I ordered 3. And I am glad because....

And I ordered mine on 5/29/14!!

Be on the lookout for a Copic Marker/Storage Video

TWO: The Frozen Flashdance

Wait...What is it called when you break into song, 
but do not dance?


Well, we took the 3rd graders on a trip to the

National Air & Space Museum.....

Which was pretty cool, even though 
it did exactly make my five).

What was even better was the Coach Bus ride.

We watched FROZEN.

And the kiddos did this.

I just want to note that one of the loudest voices 
was a little boy.

He was incredibly precious and not only knows the
songs, but the line-VERBATIM and motions.

FROZEN has taken over our school.


Not only am I a undercover fat kid, I love to cook!

And this week I made ribs for the first time.


CLEARLY, it is not the last time.

Pictured you see Baby-back Ribs, Chopped Kale and
Corn Muffins made with Real Corn Kernels.


I have every intention on making a food linky.

Does anyone want to be involved?

FOUR: Digi Stamp Crush

With my "Return to Art" initiative, I ran across Digital Stamping. 

And fell in love.

I am going to assume you know what Digital Stamping (DS) is.

And for those who don't-GOOGLE.

Anywho, I have not purchased many because I am

waiting for my Copics.

(If you haven't been listening, scroll up to number one.)

Okay, but all the DS I have purchased are all from

The artist, Krista is super amaze-balls.

They remind me of urban, super cute....
 and not scary/creepy Precious Moments images.

I plan on ordering way more! She has one with a mustache' for $4.oo

Anyone wanna gift it to me?

Pretty Please is implied!!!

After my post, scroll up to where I linked her and 
check out her work. You will love it!!!

FIVE: Speaking of Stamps....

When I went into Michaels to ONLY but one Copic Pen,

I found these cute stamps.

And guess what? I only paid $2.00!!

*pats self on back*

And again with the Washi Tape...

I know, I know.

But I could not resist.

I cannot wait to show you guys my collection.

I am still waiting on a few tapes from China.

Yeah, China. 

I ordered from Amazon and did not pay attention to

where they were coming from.

I may or may not have an online shopping problem.

After you comment and tell me you love me and that I do NOT
have an online shopping addiction, then head on over to 

Doodle Bugs Teaching and link up!!! 

If you have already linked up,

1. Kiss Your Brain

2. Let me know in your comment.

P.S---> Congrats to those who crossed over to Summer Vacation!!!
I am super jealous and envious of you all. Thanks to SNOWMAGEDDON,
our kiddos are in school until the 13th.

And then we have two days of mandatory Common Core Training.

SO we are done June 17th at 3-4 ish.

Can you hear the excitement in my voice?

Wordless Wednesday: Floating Earth

Today I had the opportunity to take a few of my kiddos 
to the National Air and Space Museum in D.C. 
At this exhibit we were asked, 

" Why doesn't the ball fall?".

I must say it was pretty cool.

What was your favorite 

field trip this year?

It has been a long day, but I made it! 
I look forward to this linky ( I {heart} link parties!) 
Make sure you link up with Wordless Wednesdays!

Memorial Weekend Craft Store Haul

I have been super busy this weekend already!!!

As my school year winds down, I have started to pick
 back up on a few crafting hobbies...

and start some new ones.

What more of a way to motivate myself but a few sales?

*Dora nods of approval*

That's exactly what I was thinking!

SO I visited my local Michaels and A.C. Moore....

I thought it was going to be a bad day for my wallet,
 but I ended up with some pretty decent deals.

Onward to the HAUL!!!

 180 page Scrapbook Paper Pack  for 10 bucks!

12x12 containers for 3 bucks each!

(Both at Michaels)
 Various stamps ranging 1- 7 bucks! 

Stamping Markers- 8 bucks (w/ coupon)

(A.C. Moore- Nesting Dolls stamp and markers, the
rest are from Michaels)

Washi Tape- 1- 2 bucks each for the singles and 
4 bucks for the double packs! (double packs Michaels
and the singles from A.C. Moore...i think)

Scrapbook Stickers- 3 bucks!!! (Michaels)

* STAY TUNED...I will be introducing my You Tube Channel 
with my new and growing Washi Tape Collection. I am just 
waiting for a few of my tapes to come in.

Anchors and Earring Hooks- 4 bucks each

Lever Punch- 7 bucks (w/ coupon)

((Random)) Mustache's and blank cards, each 1 buckeroo!!

(All from Michaels)

I also had a 40% coupon for A.C Moore and a 25% for Michaels.

Random Statche' Goodies

1. 7-11 is having this Mason Jar Collection 
with collectible Mustache straws...

So of course I snagged them all! 1 buck each!!!

2. One of my best friends was out running errands 
and ran across those SUPER cute bag clips!! 

Thanks hun...I {heart} them!!!


Wordless Wednesday: Math with Markers!

 With the end of the year NEARING (woohoo), I have been getting pretty creative reviewing strategies students are struggling with. They absolutely love COLOR and so do why not liven up our math strategies? Order of Operations with multi colored "PMDAS" was adorable and helped them to separate the steps AND it also helps students with "seeing" how place value is important with multiplying two-digit by one digit numbers.

Okay, I broke the rules.


What Math strategies are you using to 

support struggling learners?


How do you use markers in Math?

Do not forget to link up!!

Five 4 Fraturday: Questions Edition

I love linking up with Doodle Bugs. 
And today I wanted to try something 
different with it.

So I made my "5 things" a list of questions. 

I am a nerd.

Bare with me.

5. Why DO I have so much Erin Condren stuff?
I had the Egg McMuffin of online shopping experiences.
 Read my review to find out!
4. How MUCH fun did they have?
 Too much! 
I was cleaning up paint water LONG after.

3. Who WILL be working ESY, blessed w/ summer pay and 12 month pay? This WOMAN!!

2. What song had me MOTIVATED all week? 
Jamie Grace's "Hold Me."
1. Where did we find those eggs? In our garden during our Outreach Initiative. Read about it here.

FYI: We found out they are Duck eggs, not Geese. And Humane Society cannot/will not move them. We have to work around them until they hatch and learn to fly.

What are five things that happened with you this week? How awesome did they make you feel? When are you gonna share? Why not head over to Doodle Bugs Teaching and GET UP ON THIS LINKY?

SIDENOTE: I apologize for the weirdness that is my font and spacing. No idea how I did it for this post and it won't revert to default.


The Erin Condren Experience: Pt. 1- Production and Customer Service

So I know you are dying to know.

And I have been crawling up the wall holding it all in.

Seriously. I have been holding this story in for a month now.

It started with my usual blog stalking. I ran across the CUTEST little planner.

The post said it was Erin Condren.

With further research I was sold.


I am excited beyond excited.

Literally no ceiling!!!

I ordered everything but a t-shirt right?

You are wrong. 

I got a t-shirt too. I just forgot to put it in the picture. I honestly order 
so much I was overwhelmed with excitement.

Then, like my old pal Rafriki, I "looked HARDER."

Where was the script last name I requested....

and OH MY GAH!!! Am I married or nah?

I definitely did NOT request "MRS." on my customer order.

I was so bummed :-/

I emailed Customer Support because the number on the invoice was

"NOT IN SERVICE"  <------ seriously.

A support tech, Nicole, corresponded with me and was super polite.

She got me to send pics of the items, referenced my 
invoice and saw it

was an error with production....or something. It happens.

Nicole got my ordered sent for reprinting.

I had to wait for another one. Boo.


It was overnighted again. Sweet.

(o_O) <---- My initial reaction.

(-_-) <---- My final reaction.

Where is the script for my last name? 
It was special requested  when I ORIGNIALLY ordered.

And what happened to my second-line customization 
on my notepads? I definitely listed my school name to be included.

Look at these then go ahead and shoot back up to the first pic.

Really?! I was pretty mad. 

I called Customer Support and spoke to John randomly,
 and got disconnected somehow. GRRRR.

I called back and got Bryan.

He was a super nice guy and apologized. He offered to print them again.


This time I requested a screen shot before shipping.

* 4 days later*

Screenshots that I got after shipping.
Images look good...



I am more anxious than excited. 

My last name is in script! YAY!!!!

But what is with the bent pages?

Must be the shipping. It is cool.

Wait a minute.....

Why is "Ms." multi-colored?


Okay so my blood is boiling. I am tryna figure out WHERE my 

notebooks are that I paid for AND how come the planner

 does not look like the screen shots! 

I sent the nicest angry email ever. 

No, I am not gonna show it on my blog.

Just no it was not flowers and butterflies.

I got this in response:

I gotta pause and say, I have a Customer Service crush on Bryan.

All stores need a Bryan.

He didn't email me the next day though. 

Because he was working on getting me a solution.

I got another reprint offer. If it was wrong again, 
I could get a FULL refund. 

I also spoke with Nicole who got me a $20.00 Store Credit.

Which I appreciated, but was not too excited about.


Bad News
 First thing I noticed was, it was open.

The pretty wrapping paper ripped off.


My first guess is someone tried to steal it,
 but had a change of heart because it was customized.

SO no unwrapping pics for my review.

Good News

Everything is CORRECT!!!

EXCEPT for the "MS." on the notepads!!!
(which I noticed after I was re-reading this post for errors)

And they sent me 4 free notepads.
The package says, "Oops! Our goof is your gift!"
(This makes sense now)

I am super excited about my final products!

And ironically, now I have planners for the next four years.

Final Thoughts (Springer Style)
Overall, I am kind of traumatized with ordering extra specifics on custom printing. I scan not say that Erin Condren has a horrible production team, I would just recommend an updated website so that you can see what they are making. Not only did they make me MANY versions of what I did not ask for, I can imagine how much profit they lost. ESPECIALLY if this is not a freak isolated incident and it happens often. I cannot say yay or nay until I decide to order again and it happened again. As for their customer service, it was an awesome experience. I was able to communicate my needs as a customer and they tried their best to relay that to the production and the design teams. I am very grateful for Bryan for making sure my order issues were finally resolved. I love my planner and cannot wait to use it!!! As for the others, they may make great gifts, or I will cover the 2014-2015 calendars, and the "Mrs." on the first one and use them for the next few years.

Any thoughts or ideas on how I should repurpose them?

There is always time to give back :-)

So I have not been blogging this week.

I can explain. 

With roughly 20 School Days until the kiddos are 
gone there has been so much to do.

I feel like there is still SO many things I want to
 teach them, but the days that are left *cough* 
20 days... are not all mine to do so.


I have been trying not to think about it.

And why I have not been thinking about it, I have been 
keeping busy with a school outreach project.

Last year before I arrived, a tragedy hit my school.

It happened at the end of last school year.

A family of five became two because of a house fire.

And a poor little second grader loss her twin, her 
daddy and another sibling.

SO my school is dedicating our courtyard in honor of
her family, and the families in our school community.

And guess who is in charge of the Reflection Garden Committee?


Today we started the hardest part.

Weed Removal. Ughhhh!

Let me just say my favorite color is green.

My name means "green precious stone."

But my thumbs.....NOT GREEN AT ALL.

I am exhausted with End-of-Year-itis, but I 
gladly take on the task. 

And I wasn't the only one!

This little kinder kiddo was super cute
...and super busy!!
FYI: No child laws were broken.
His mama was out there!

BONUS: Some of our removal was postponed 
due to this discovery:

We have contacted the Humane Society, so these babies
 and their mama can have a chance at a new (and safe) home.

I am thankful for the village of students, custodial 
staff, parents, teachers and paraprofessionals that are 
all taking part in the clean up.

It really takes a village!