Five 4 Fri-fri-Friday!!

Hey! I have been missing a few of my favorite linky parties lately, so I decided to pop in a "get up on it" while the Allergy Monster was sleeping. So today, I am linked up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to get my FIVE 4 FRIDAY on...

Hooray for Teacher 
Appreciation Week!!

My principals are the cutest leaders ever. They created clues each day, that connected to some cute teacher appreciation gift.

I wish I would have wrote them down to share. 

It was something like:

1. Clipped yadada.... Teamwork Clipboard
2.  Paws to say we care...... Tumbler cup with paw prints and quotes.
3. Classrooms SIZZLE with student learning..... luncheon with fajitas cooked on-the-spot 
4. What's in your wallet..... Identify Theft Protection card holder
5. Stupendous yadada <-- today was busy so this is still a surprise for Monday!

 They really LOVE me :-)

I received these gifts from two of my kiddos today. 

Melt my heart.

 I was so RADD!!

This week (okay Saturday) I participated in 
the Color Me Rad DC 5k.

Technically not DC but that is what they called it.

Anyway, it was my second run and I loved it...

EVEN through my allergies.

I even ran some this time. lol

It was awesome because I avoided the color
 on my last run but this time they REALLY got me.

 Product Review

DO you know what this is?

Just you wait.
During my giveaway reveal Saturday, I will be posting 
a complaint review that has been a LONG time coming.

Teacher Appreciation GIVEAWAY :-)


There is still time to enter my 
Target Card/Fast food giveaway.

I will not waste your time or mine 
retyping the original post.

But you can read it here.

or, since I am super generous...

Now you can just enter.


  1. Awesomeness from your Admin. Love all the treats from them and your kiddos! I am so proud of you for doing the run. I was invited to one of those, but I didn't take my friend up on the offer. I'm thinking I made a huge mistake on that one. I should really do it next time....just not running. I don't run. Lol!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. Isn't it just the BEST when our sweet kiddos surprise us with gifts and cards?!?! I LOVE the handmade cards especially! I shared one of these cards on my Five for Friday post this week. Oh my! You certainly did get colored. Looks like tons of fun!


  3. Your blog looks so fun! It is so nice to be recognized by the parents and admin!

  4. I loved visiting your blog! Looks like you had a great Teacher Appreciation Week!
    Learnin' Books


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