Memorial Weekend Craft Store Haul

I have been super busy this weekend already!!!

As my school year winds down, I have started to pick
 back up on a few crafting hobbies...

and start some new ones.

What more of a way to motivate myself but a few sales?

*Dora nods of approval*

That's exactly what I was thinking!

SO I visited my local Michaels and A.C. Moore....

I thought it was going to be a bad day for my wallet,
 but I ended up with some pretty decent deals.

Onward to the HAUL!!!

 180 page Scrapbook Paper Pack  for 10 bucks!

12x12 containers for 3 bucks each!

(Both at Michaels)
 Various stamps ranging 1- 7 bucks! 

Stamping Markers- 8 bucks (w/ coupon)

(A.C. Moore- Nesting Dolls stamp and markers, the
rest are from Michaels)

Washi Tape- 1- 2 bucks each for the singles and 
4 bucks for the double packs! (double packs Michaels
and the singles from A.C. Moore...i think)

Scrapbook Stickers- 3 bucks!!! (Michaels)

* STAY TUNED...I will be introducing my You Tube Channel 
with my new and growing Washi Tape Collection. I am just 
waiting for a few of my tapes to come in.

Anchors and Earring Hooks- 4 bucks each

Lever Punch- 7 bucks (w/ coupon)

((Random)) Mustache's and blank cards, each 1 buckeroo!!

(All from Michaels)

I also had a 40% coupon for A.C Moore and a 25% for Michaels.

Random Statche' Goodies

1. 7-11 is having this Mason Jar Collection 
with collectible Mustache straws...

So of course I snagged them all! 1 buck each!!!

2. One of my best friends was out running errands 
and ran across those SUPER cute bag clips!! 

Thanks hun...I {heart} them!!!



  1. Your blog is SUPER CUTE!! Looks like you found some goodies!!! Love that price for all that scrapbook paper. Nothing like a great deal.

    One Fab Teacher

  2. I want to come hang out at your house and craft with you! Looks like you did pretty well! :)
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'


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