A Day Late.....My F4F: The Five P's

Hello! It has been a long busy week...

But I could not let it pass without "gettin' up on" this Doodle Bug Teaching linky.

But I added a little twist.....

The Five P's

(this pic made me chuckle...clearly its a non example but i am guilty of this feeling from time to time,)

So I have this student. This student was a student I was “warned” about at the beginning of the year. But, I decided that I would not place her in a box lined with what others have prepped me about. I decided she deserved the chance to make a better choice for a better year.  We have had a few blips, but overall, she had be doing jut fine.

Then the last two and a half weeks happened.

And are happening still.

I will not get into details, out of respect for everyone involved, but lets just say she is spending some time with the behavior specialist.


I have not quite figured out what is happening new that is causing her to fall back into habits I have “heard” about.  It makes me slightly sad and frustrated because she is such a bright student and with better choices CAN work her way into the general education setting. I want her to be able to correct her behavior and provide her with resources that she can transfer her home environment as well.

Anyone have any advice for hard to reach kiddos?


I attended a Meet & Greet with eh different Ministries at my church and I joined a few-Young Adults, Singles, Vacation Bible School Team, Missions…and the one I am most excited about…AWANA!

I have had this desire to incorporate my passion for making a difference in the lives of children outside of school. I am not in the position to have any children of my own, so CLEARLY that was out.
AWANA seems like the perfect fit.

For those who have not heard of AWANA (Approved Workman Are Not Ashamed), it is a Bible club for children in Pre-School through Twelfth Grade.  The name is taken from the following scripture:

"Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth."  2 Timothy 2:15
Our church club meets on Tuesday nights. The children participate in games, singing, bible study and verse memorization.  Kids are able to earn awards and prizes!


Okay so my excuse for not posting this on Friday…..

Two of my closest friends and I celebrated my last birthday event at a local Paint Nite.

What is Paint Nite?

Paint Nite is an event hosted at local spots where you can order food, drinks and have an instructor lead you through an art piece. We painted “Drip Flops”, which is a super cute beach themed painting…

Perfect for my room d├ęcor!!!

It was so much fun….

Even though my picture did not turn out quite like the original.


So, two things I need to prepare for.  #1- I have not done my taxes.

I know……I suck.

But, in my defense I know for some reason I owe money.... and I am trying to hang on to my sanity until the last possible minute.

#2 I am getting a new blog design! SO right now, I am completing some information for the designer, so that she get a feel for what I want and bring my personality into it.

I am still on a waiting list, but keep your eyes peeled for my design!!


Some of you probably do not know but I moved last summer. So recently I have been venturing off to learn my way about. Today, I wanted to visit a friend at Pentagon Center Mall.

But my GPS had an early April Fools idea in mind.

So, I ended up at the actual Pentagon.


The funny part was, I drove the parking lot a few minutes wondering where I was. My thoughts were “This is not the mall”


I did eventually figure it out, and some nice cop with the coolest accent pointed me toward the right direction.

I have to sneak one more "P" in.....

Peg Plus Cat

Has anyone seen this ADORABLE show? Well, I haven't had the pleasure of being a mom yet but I am the godmommie to one cute "almost" 1 year old. And that means I am exposed to all things cutesy and primary. Today I experienced this little show.

She is teaching math skills!!!

I love it...

SO much so that I will be watching it with my kiddos during dismissal Monday.

And buying the coordinating book that goes with Episode 1. It involves chickens and will fit with the Peep Adoption Activity I purchased from Ms. Fultz Corner (search it on her tpt...its super cute).

Anyways, thats it. I am done. finito.

I love linking up! Now it is your turn.

You can do it!!

* cue Dora, "Vamanos" instrumental*

It's Friday, March 21st (first Friday in SPRING)

That is an understatement. 

All these snow days, plus our "Spring Forward" has my sleep pattern a little nutty.

By the time it snowed Monday, I had already had enough.

Is anyone else all snowed out?


After state testing all last week, I had my belated birthday dinner this Sunday at a nearby city spot (N.W D.C) called Busboys & Poets. There was an Open Mic Night, as well as a Community Poem (when all the guests contribute a line).... It was a blast! I really enjoyed my girls night out and I plan on visiting the city again to pop in!

 One of my 4th Graders surprised me with a belated gift.... It is EXACTLY a week late so I am pretty sure he mixed up the date ( which is super adorable still). He came in and presented it to me like a bouquet. And it is...

Of Butterfly Pens!!!

I love it so so so much.


As I stated in a previous post that I am too lazy to link, my school district has implemented Student Learning Objectives (SLO) for each teacher as a part of our new evaluation system. I teach as part of Comprehensive Special Education Program (CSEP), where my kiddos are playing catch-up with some foundational skills....

I chose Multiplication Mastery 0-5 as a target for both groups. They receive a Calculator Accommodation, but this goal is STRICTLY pencil/paper since I am not using it as a "grade" grade. 

Oh so you want to know about the picture?

Now that state testing is OVER (whew!), we are refocusing on our SLO.  In addition, I wanted to create a Spring-themed b.board!!! 

If students MASTER (80%+), they get to decorate a leaf to be placed on the flower for that level. We started today with the 2's. 

*Da Da Dahhhhh *Despicable ME Minion voice*
Look at all those students who Mastered...

Even though my target is 0-5, I want to push their learning as far as I can...so the board goes to 10's-which they are excited about!

P.s- I love that one kid drew Pikachu on his leaf.

 I am designing a classroom blog! Our district is starting a technology initiative, and what better way to celebrate technology! My plan is for it to serve as a connection to reinforce skills from school to home. I want to include things we are learning and how-to's for parents so that they can support student learning of our Common Core objectives. It will also include resource links for games and tutorials that already exist. I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS, Can you tell?

This is the header I designed...

I will upload more pics as I finish up.

So.... I have been talking forever about making sushi, but I could never find the Nori....

I found it!!! So today I tried my hand at making Shrimp Tempura Rolls. 


FACT: I pretty much sucked at it.

Well, not so much the rolling, but the CUTTING = (-_-).

One of my best friends, Kiita (pictured in the red), said she "learned from my mistakes" and had a better go at it. lol

But as for my roll ..... *shakes head*

On the bright side, it was still SUPER yummy!

You can't judge a book by it's cover.

Not in the "5" but still important.....

I bought the movie FROZEN this week....and I am extremely in love with Olaf!! 

ps. This is how I feel about the weather changing from winter.

Someone should really tell him though.

*abrupt subject change*

So this week I tried something new....

I linked up with more that one Friday Linky!

I can't stand it!! I love linky parties. Remember I said I was addicted?

Anyways, here they are so you can check them out and  "Get Up On" their linky.


Let's Talk Tuesday: HIMYM and Teen Wolf


only has two.more.episodes.left.

Oh Mi Gah.

This past episode was random and "filler".

So much so that I almost did not blog it.

It was titled, "Gary Blauman".


Oh, that guy.... (o_O).

Nothing like last week when we found out Lily is preggers with baby # 2.

Oh' Daisy.

Anyway, the episode was about Blauman, and how they ALL feel about this random extra.

But we DID see Ted and the Mothers very first date.

and their first kiss.

And we found out "blah blah's" name.

Which I cannot remember.

Teen Wolf....


I am on the fence with shows that kill off main characters.

and they killed Alison good.

I cried.

Then I read that she asked to be written off to pursue her "acting" career.

Aren't you acting already...or nah?


Oh and fans gave her an online tribute site.

I am NOT kidding. It's here.

p.s- I {puffy} heart Stiles, even with his alter ego "smoldering" stare.

YES, I used a lot of pics this time because I am kind of beat.

Today was wonderful BUT completely "on".

And you love the gifs.

*insert cheesy sign-off, like Stay Classy San Diego here*

Yup, a Five 4 Fraturday. Oh, and a secret too!

One word describes this week.....

However, my love for linky parties PREVAILS..

So I am here, a day late.

Oh Doodle Bugs Teaching! You make it super difficult to NOT Five 4 Friday it up.....

Creations by Me: I am addicted to making things. I see stuff on t.v, online or things other teachers and/or friends have and I am like " I can totally make that.

This week it was candles.

I made them to match my beach-themed room.

And boy do they smell WONDERFUL.

Look how cute they look on my bookshelf!

The Last Year of 20- This week I entered my last year in my 20's. I am excited! I was most excited that my kiddos were excited. They were all sneaky signing a card for me.

Which means they were completely obvious and I pretended not to notice.

It was super cute.

They also told me happy birthday every time I, or they re-entered the room.

And they were soooooo excited for cake.


I love them!!

Also, thank you to EVERYONE for the Birthday Wishes!!!

Talk About it Tuesday- Last week I WAS CONVINCED on a specific theory about my favorite past time, HIMYM. (read it here).

This week, I am only kinda convinced.

I think I am going through some weird denial/grief/what will i watch Monday nights at 8 EST.

Only 3 Episodes remain.

This week wiped out my "gutso" to Talk About it Tuesday.

So look for a double whammy next week that includes my thoughts on "DAISY".

All I will say is, "I knew it!" and "Thank you Linus"

On a brighter note......


No Bazinga!!

*Does Happy Dance*

MSA Mania- Now to the reason I am EXHAUSTED. We have been MSA testing for the last two weeks. This week was my turn. Due to the population I service, I have to read the whole test-VERBATIM. Which is fine.....

But this year they passed a rule that we can only provide the verbatim reading accommodation to groups of 5 max. 

I have 7 3rd graders in one class and 9 4th graders in the other.

Do the math...

3rd grade test- 5 sessions x 2 groups to rotate

4th grade test- 5 sessions X 2 groups to rotate

+ 2 allotted test days + 1 extra morning.

I will not get into any details beyond the general because I can't.

But I will share a quote posted by Christi at Ms. Fultz Corner:

Use your imagination as to why this was amusing to me. If you know me in real life, you know how I feel about testing and testing.

and testing.... because now we have to do district testing pretty soon.

Pi Day Friday- After a week full of testing, I welcomed this Friday with OPEN ARMS. And lucky for nerdy folks like me, it was Pi Day.


Yes, I bought Pi for my kiddos.

Yes I put a pie in the office for teachers and staff.

Yes I bought an extra pie and left it at home to cook and eat this weekend.

To cook and eat today.

Check out this picture of one pie-lovin kiddo!

Excuse my laziness. I did not feel like looking for a stache' in my files today so "enter" random orange text box!

Confession: I suck at secrets. I am too frickin transparent.

But I am trying hard to keep this one under wraps.

Let's just say, that I will be making some "changes" in the near future....

A new "look" if you will.

What are your thoughts?

While you ponder on that, make sure you head over to Doodle Bugs Teaching and "get up on" the Five 4 Friday Linky! I love reading/being nosey/getting ideas from your posts.

What are you waiting for?

Happy F4F... March 7th Style

Goodbye 1st week of March!!

I barely knew thee. *le sigh*

This week,as per usual, I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for the Five For Friday Linky Party.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner

For Black History Month, my school had a classroom door wall beside classroom door contest.

And I won!!! 

Oh yeah!

I was absent the last day in February so I had no idea. 

When I returned I was given a gift card to a nearby restaurant, Busboys & PoetsIt is an artsy place, and I am excited to go this coming weekend for their Open Mic Night!

Check next weeks F4F post for an update.


This week jumped off the "Testing that Never Ends". We missed two days due to more snow, had a day to try to get on track and went straight into testing.

All day. My kiddos (3/4 grade groups) get certain accommodations so we were only able to test them in groups of 5.

So teaching anything while my Co-Teacher rotated them out for Reading testing was a wash. 

The highlight was the cute Kinders that came by to wish us good luck and make us a cool sign!

Thank you to Mrs. Nesmith's wonderful bunch!!

Peach Cobbler Heaven

If you are just tuning in to my blogging journey you may have missed a common theme of food on my F4F posts. This week I am staying true to my usual.

I randomly craved Peach Cobbler this week.

SO for the first time I made one.......

Like A Boss.

And it tasted soooo awesome. *drools*

March Gladness

This Tuesday kicked off March Gladness at my church, Alfred Street Baptist Church. Each year, my Pastor invites guests from churches statewide to preach every Tuesday in March. There are also other events started by the different ministries at the church.

This week we got to meet Rev. Otis Moss III from Chicago. 

He was awesome!!

Currently (???) Revealed

Last week I post three random things as an answer on my March Currently post, and it was readers job to post what my question may have been. 

My three items were: 11 days, Sushi and free stuff.

I had a few cool guesses, but no one nailed it.

My question was probably too too random.

As of when I completed the Currently, it was 11 days until my birthday. (There are now 5).

I was planning a "Make Your Own" Sushi Party with a Raffle, so that covered the remaining two randoms.

But that has since changed. Birthday plans (by me) are so fickle.

So, "Will she? Won't she?"

in 4.5 more days!!!!!

Okay, that is my 5-cap of my week. To link up, head on over to Doodle Bugs Teaching and BRAG about five awesome things from this week. I love to be nosey and see what others are doing.

One More Thing....

Only one more day to sign-up for my EduCARE Package Exchange!!!!! 

I Mustache, Will You Participate?