Let's Talk Tuesday: HIMYM and Teen Wolf


only has two.more.episodes.left.

Oh Mi Gah.

This past episode was random and "filler".

So much so that I almost did not blog it.

It was titled, "Gary Blauman".


Oh, that guy.... (o_O).

Nothing like last week when we found out Lily is preggers with baby # 2.

Oh' Daisy.

Anyway, the episode was about Blauman, and how they ALL feel about this random extra.

But we DID see Ted and the Mothers very first date.

and their first kiss.

And we found out "blah blah's" name.

Which I cannot remember.

Teen Wolf....


I am on the fence with shows that kill off main characters.

and they killed Alison good.

I cried.

Then I read that she asked to be written off to pursue her "acting" career.

Aren't you acting already...or nah?


Oh and fans gave her an online tribute site.

I am NOT kidding. It's here.

p.s- I {puffy} heart Stiles, even with his alter ego "smoldering" stare.

YES, I used a lot of pics this time because I am kind of beat.

Today was wonderful BUT completely "on".

And you love the gifs.

*insert cheesy sign-off, like Stay Classy San Diego here*

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