It's Friday, March 21st (first Friday in SPRING)

That is an understatement. 

All these snow days, plus our "Spring Forward" has my sleep pattern a little nutty.

By the time it snowed Monday, I had already had enough.

Is anyone else all snowed out?


After state testing all last week, I had my belated birthday dinner this Sunday at a nearby city spot (N.W D.C) called Busboys & Poets. There was an Open Mic Night, as well as a Community Poem (when all the guests contribute a line).... It was a blast! I really enjoyed my girls night out and I plan on visiting the city again to pop in!

 One of my 4th Graders surprised me with a belated gift.... It is EXACTLY a week late so I am pretty sure he mixed up the date ( which is super adorable still). He came in and presented it to me like a bouquet. And it is...

Of Butterfly Pens!!!

I love it so so so much.


As I stated in a previous post that I am too lazy to link, my school district has implemented Student Learning Objectives (SLO) for each teacher as a part of our new evaluation system. I teach as part of Comprehensive Special Education Program (CSEP), where my kiddos are playing catch-up with some foundational skills....

I chose Multiplication Mastery 0-5 as a target for both groups. They receive a Calculator Accommodation, but this goal is STRICTLY pencil/paper since I am not using it as a "grade" grade. 

Oh so you want to know about the picture?

Now that state testing is OVER (whew!), we are refocusing on our SLO.  In addition, I wanted to create a Spring-themed b.board!!! 

If students MASTER (80%+), they get to decorate a leaf to be placed on the flower for that level. We started today with the 2's. 

*Da Da Dahhhhh *Despicable ME Minion voice*
Look at all those students who Mastered...

Even though my target is 0-5, I want to push their learning as far as I the board goes to 10's-which they are excited about!

P.s- I love that one kid drew Pikachu on his leaf.

 I am designing a classroom blog! Our district is starting a technology initiative, and what better way to celebrate technology! My plan is for it to serve as a connection to reinforce skills from school to home. I want to include things we are learning and how-to's for parents so that they can support student learning of our Common Core objectives. It will also include resource links for games and tutorials that already exist. I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS, Can you tell?

This is the header I designed...

I will upload more pics as I finish up.

So.... I have been talking forever about making sushi, but I could never find the Nori....

I found it!!! So today I tried my hand at making Shrimp Tempura Rolls. 


FACT: I pretty much sucked at it.

Well, not so much the rolling, but the CUTTING = (-_-).

One of my best friends, Kiita (pictured in the red), said she "learned from my mistakes" and had a better go at it. lol

But as for my roll ..... *shakes head*

On the bright side, it was still SUPER yummy!

You can't judge a book by it's cover.

Not in the "5" but still important.....

I bought the movie FROZEN this week....and I am extremely in love with Olaf!! 

ps. This is how I feel about the weather changing from winter.

Someone should really tell him though.

*abrupt subject change*

So this week I tried something new....

I linked up with more that one Friday Linky!

I can't stand it!! I love linky parties. Remember I said I was addicted?

Anyways, here they are so you can check them out and  "Get Up On" their linky.



  1. All my friends have bought Frozen, and I am so jealous! The DVD hasn't come to Korea yet. Boo!! I'm totally impressed that you attempted sushi! I myself don't even like sushi. Yuck.
    Southern Fried Teachin’

  2. I'm a little jealous that you bought Frozen...I haven't even seen it yet!
    Found your blog through Five for Friday and I am your newest follower. Would love for you to head over and check out my blog! Missy TheAdventuresofAClassyTeacher


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