A Day Late.....My F4F: The Five P's

Hello! It has been a long busy week...

But I could not let it pass without "gettin' up on" this Doodle Bug Teaching linky.

But I added a little twist.....

The Five P's

(this pic made me chuckle...clearly its a non example but i am guilty of this feeling from time to time,)

So I have this student. This student was a student I was “warned” about at the beginning of the year. But, I decided that I would not place her in a box lined with what others have prepped me about. I decided she deserved the chance to make a better choice for a better year.  We have had a few blips, but overall, she had be doing jut fine.

Then the last two and a half weeks happened.

And are happening still.

I will not get into details, out of respect for everyone involved, but lets just say she is spending some time with the behavior specialist.


I have not quite figured out what is happening new that is causing her to fall back into habits I have “heard” about.  It makes me slightly sad and frustrated because she is such a bright student and with better choices CAN work her way into the general education setting. I want her to be able to correct her behavior and provide her with resources that she can transfer her home environment as well.

Anyone have any advice for hard to reach kiddos?


I attended a Meet & Greet with eh different Ministries at my church and I joined a few-Young Adults, Singles, Vacation Bible School Team, Missions…and the one I am most excited about…AWANA!

I have had this desire to incorporate my passion for making a difference in the lives of children outside of school. I am not in the position to have any children of my own, so CLEARLY that was out.
AWANA seems like the perfect fit.

For those who have not heard of AWANA (Approved Workman Are Not Ashamed), it is a Bible club for children in Pre-School through Twelfth Grade.  The name is taken from the following scripture:

"Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth."  2 Timothy 2:15
Our church club meets on Tuesday nights. The children participate in games, singing, bible study and verse memorization.  Kids are able to earn awards and prizes!


Okay so my excuse for not posting this on Friday…..

Two of my closest friends and I celebrated my last birthday event at a local Paint Nite.

What is Paint Nite?

Paint Nite is an event hosted at local spots where you can order food, drinks and have an instructor lead you through an art piece. We painted “Drip Flops”, which is a super cute beach themed painting…

Perfect for my room d├ęcor!!!

It was so much fun….

Even though my picture did not turn out quite like the original.


So, two things I need to prepare for.  #1- I have not done my taxes.

I know……I suck.

But, in my defense I know for some reason I owe money.... and I am trying to hang on to my sanity until the last possible minute.

#2 I am getting a new blog design! SO right now, I am completing some information for the designer, so that she get a feel for what I want and bring my personality into it.

I am still on a waiting list, but keep your eyes peeled for my design!!


Some of you probably do not know but I moved last summer. So recently I have been venturing off to learn my way about. Today, I wanted to visit a friend at Pentagon Center Mall.

But my GPS had an early April Fools idea in mind.

So, I ended up at the actual Pentagon.


The funny part was, I drove the parking lot a few minutes wondering where I was. My thoughts were “This is not the mall”


I did eventually figure it out, and some nice cop with the coolest accent pointed me toward the right direction.

I have to sneak one more "P" in.....

Peg Plus Cat

Has anyone seen this ADORABLE show? Well, I haven't had the pleasure of being a mom yet but I am the godmommie to one cute "almost" 1 year old. And that means I am exposed to all things cutesy and primary. Today I experienced this little show.

She is teaching math skills!!!

I love it...

SO much so that I will be watching it with my kiddos during dismissal Monday.

And buying the coordinating book that goes with Episode 1. It involves chickens and will fit with the Peep Adoption Activity I purchased from Ms. Fultz Corner (search it on her tpt...its super cute).

Anyways, thats it. I am done. finito.

I love linking up! Now it is your turn.

You can do it!!

* cue Dora, "Vamanos" instrumental*

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  1. That is too funny that you ended up at the Pentagon! Have you checked out Whole Brain Teaching? I loved it in my classroom, and they have some great ideas for working with those hard kiddos. Look it up on YouTube. It also used to be called Power Teaching. Let me know what you think! I spent hours just mesmerized looking at all the videos.
    Southern Fried Teachin’


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