Yup, a Five 4 Fraturday. Oh, and a secret too!

One word describes this week.....

However, my love for linky parties PREVAILS..

So I am here, a day late.

Oh Doodle Bugs Teaching! You make it super difficult to NOT Five 4 Friday it up.....

Creations by Me: I am addicted to making things. I see stuff on t.v, online or things other teachers and/or friends have and I am like " I can totally make that.

This week it was candles.

I made them to match my beach-themed room.

And boy do they smell WONDERFUL.

Look how cute they look on my bookshelf!

The Last Year of 20- This week I entered my last year in my 20's. I am excited! I was most excited that my kiddos were excited. They were all sneaky signing a card for me.

Which means they were completely obvious and I pretended not to notice.

It was super cute.

They also told me happy birthday every time I, or they re-entered the room.

And they were soooooo excited for cake.


I love them!!

Also, thank you to EVERYONE for the Birthday Wishes!!!

Talk About it Tuesday- Last week I WAS CONVINCED on a specific theory about my favorite past time, HIMYM. (read it here).

This week, I am only kinda convinced.

I think I am going through some weird denial/grief/what will i watch Monday nights at 8 EST.

Only 3 Episodes remain.

This week wiped out my "gutso" to Talk About it Tuesday.

So look for a double whammy next week that includes my thoughts on "DAISY".

All I will say is, "I knew it!" and "Thank you Linus"

On a brighter note......


No Bazinga!!

*Does Happy Dance*

MSA Mania- Now to the reason I am EXHAUSTED. We have been MSA testing for the last two weeks. This week was my turn. Due to the population I service, I have to read the whole test-VERBATIM. Which is fine.....

But this year they passed a rule that we can only provide the verbatim reading accommodation to groups of 5 max. 

I have 7 3rd graders in one class and 9 4th graders in the other.

Do the math...

3rd grade test- 5 sessions x 2 groups to rotate

4th grade test- 5 sessions X 2 groups to rotate

+ 2 allotted test days + 1 extra morning.

I will not get into any details beyond the general because I can't.

But I will share a quote posted by Christi at Ms. Fultz Corner:

Use your imagination as to why this was amusing to me. If you know me in real life, you know how I feel about testing and testing.

and testing.... because now we have to do district testing pretty soon.

Pi Day Friday- After a week full of testing, I welcomed this Friday with OPEN ARMS. And lucky for nerdy folks like me, it was Pi Day.


Yes, I bought Pi for my kiddos.

Yes I put a pie in the office for teachers and staff.

Yes I bought an extra pie and left it at home to cook and eat this weekend.

To cook and eat today.

Check out this picture of one pie-lovin kiddo!

Excuse my laziness. I did not feel like looking for a stache' in my files today so "enter" random orange text box!

Confession: I suck at secrets. I am too frickin transparent.

But I am trying hard to keep this one under wraps.

Let's just say, that I will be making some "changes" in the near future....

A new "look" if you will.

What are your thoughts?

While you ponder on that, make sure you head over to Doodle Bugs Teaching and "get up on" the Five 4 Friday Linky! I love reading/being nosey/getting ideas from your posts.

What are you waiting for?


  1. Girl, I totally agree with you on your testing quote! SO, SO true. But they keep doing it. And "they", those that make the rules, have NEVER ever stepped foot into a classroom and seen what it's really like.
    Hmmm...I think a new look means a new look for your blog! Am I right?
    Southern Fried Teachin’

  2. I love your Pi day pies! I have a shirt that says "Nerds Love Apple Pie" but the Love is a heart, the Apple is a green apple sign, and then the pie of course is pi. One of my kiddos got it right away - so it was totally worth wearing! Super cute blog! Found you on the link up!


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