It's CURENTLY March? That was quick!

So long February, and hellllllllo March! 

Anyone else excited?

To show my excitement, and further "fuel" my linky addiction, I am "getting up on" the CURRENTLY linky by Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade!

Listening: My feet are freezing!! So as I type I am propped up DIRECTLY in front of a tiny little space heater warming my toes.

Boy is it grand.

I am also doing the usual, playing the most random #PandorRadio station. Ever. But what I love is it is the perfect mix of random. 

And "Let Go", by Dewayne Woods always makes me smile inside. Its about keeping your eyes on God.

Have a listen!

Loving: This one explains itself. I love frozen apple juice. I am actually on a quest to find the best tasting apple juice. Right now, I am stuck on Nantucket Nectars, Motts and Whitehouse. Any one have any suggestions?

Thinking: Did I ever mention that I do custom crayon art? I think I have. I have not had many clients this past month, but I am starting March pretty strong. 

My client loved it. 

I must admit, making these Monograms is something I LOVE to do!

So I guess I "double dipped" on my CURRENTLY. 


Anyway, for inquiries leave a comment on this post , or email me. 

I will post some pictures of others I have created pretty soon!

Wanting #1: I want a new blog design! I know mine is new, but its not "the one" yet. I am pretty proud of it because I designed it, but I think I want to get a designer. There are so many great blog designers out there.

Your patience is awesome.

If you know of a great designer, or if you are a designer PLEASE leave me a post with a link to your work.

Wanting #2: I created a linky called EduCARE. You get to know bloggers and send each other themed gifts. I think it will be pretty cool, but I do not have many participants yet. I am fairly new to the blogging world but I have ideas to offer. 

I will keep my "pitch" short and sweet, not to oversell.....

I encourage you to check out my "EduCARE tab" and sign up for March.

This is the 1st go round!!!

*insert Mustache related joke*

Needing #1: I really REALLY need to wash my hair. With all this random weather I have been avoiding it like the plague.

Don't worry, it does not have a bird's nest in it or anything.

I just really need to get it done before tomorrow because it takes FOREVER to dry.

Needing #2: Oh Wacom tablet. I am just being lazy. 

I am technically out of town, so I can call the vacation card.

I will be creating clip art. Any suggestions on things you'd like to see?

???????: What does that even mean huh? 11 days, free stuff and sushi are related SOMEHOW. 

How you ask? I am not telling you!

I am interested in your guesses. Post them below!!!

Badebba debba.... That's all folks!!

Alright bloggalou's!!! You have made it to the end of my longest CURRENTLY yet.

and I have only written two.


If you haven't already, head over to Oh Boy 4th Grade and "get up on" this linky.

I am interested in blogstal-browing about what you are CURRENTLY up to.


P.S---> Farley, I am digging the new design! Michelle did an AWESOME job!


  1. Hi, I hopped over from Farley's and LOVED reading your Currently!
    I think your blog design is adorable! I live in and teach in Baltimore City, where are you in MD?
    I'm off to go listen to the song you posted!

    1. Hey...thanks!!! I was thinking that I need for color....???

      Oh and I teach Prince George's County, which is huge!!!!

      We are practically (distant) neighbors though!

      Yay another MD blogger!!

  2. I haven't seen crayon art like this before. I like the monograms. I have no idea what question you answered. I can't think of a connection.

    1. Thank you. I tried to put my spin on the Monograms I create. I also make wreaths.

      Try and guess the question.

      Even though I made it hard on purpose-lol

  3. I think your blog is adorable! I just found you on the linky. I have not heard of a Wacom tablet. Is that similar to a Bamboo drawing tablet? I'm unsure about your question. Perhaps it is things that you are wishing for or wanting?

    Teaching Fourth

    1. Thank you!!

      And yes, Wacom is the brand that makes the Bamboo tablet. Mine is the Intuos Creative Tablet.

      That is NOT my question, but you are headed in the right direction!!

      Thanks for stopping by :-)

  4. My guess at your ????
    What you see in your future? As in Spring Break, Sushi dinner, and EduCare packages.
    IDK -- I know that was a long shot. I guess I need to stalk your blog a little better.

    1. As for my blog designer:
      I LOVE my designer. Her name is Diana and she is with Custom Blog Designs. She was awesome! She really worked with me to get it just right (and you know I was picky). She was also reasonably priced, fast and helpful with ideas. You can link to her site at the bottom of my blog.

  5. My guess is...things dealing with Spring Break. I LOVED my blog designer, Barb at - she is awesome and so easy to work with!

    I'm going to have to check out your Educare tab!

    Southern Fried Teachin’


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