Happy F4F... March 7th Style

Goodbye 1st week of March!!

I barely knew thee. *le sigh*

This week,as per usual, I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for the Five For Friday Linky Party.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner

For Black History Month, my school had a classroom door wall beside classroom door contest.

And I won!!! 

Oh yeah!

I was absent the last day in February so I had no idea. 

When I returned I was given a gift card to a nearby restaurant, Busboys & PoetsIt is an artsy place, and I am excited to go this coming weekend for their Open Mic Night!

Check next weeks F4F post for an update.


This week jumped off the "Testing that Never Ends". We missed two days due to more snow, had a day to try to get on track and went straight into testing.

All day. My kiddos (3/4 grade groups) get certain accommodations so we were only able to test them in groups of 5.

So teaching anything while my Co-Teacher rotated them out for Reading testing was a wash. 

The highlight was the cute Kinders that came by to wish us good luck and make us a cool sign!

Thank you to Mrs. Nesmith's wonderful bunch!!

Peach Cobbler Heaven

If you are just tuning in to my blogging journey you may have missed a common theme of food on my F4F posts. This week I am staying true to my usual.

I randomly craved Peach Cobbler this week.

SO for the first time I made one.......

Like A Boss.

And it tasted soooo awesome. *drools*

March Gladness

This Tuesday kicked off March Gladness at my church, Alfred Street Baptist Church. Each year, my Pastor invites guests from churches statewide to preach every Tuesday in March. There are also other events started by the different ministries at the church.

This week we got to meet Rev. Otis Moss III from Chicago. 

He was awesome!!

Currently (???) Revealed

Last week I post three random things as an answer on my March Currently post, and it was readers job to post what my question may have been. 

My three items were: 11 days, Sushi and free stuff.

I had a few cool guesses, but no one nailed it.

My question was probably too too random.

As of when I completed the Currently, it was 11 days until my birthday. (There are now 5).

I was planning a "Make Your Own" Sushi Party with a Raffle, so that covered the remaining two randoms.

But that has since changed. Birthday plans (by me) are so fickle.

So, "Will she? Won't she?"

in 4.5 more days!!!!!

Okay, that is my 5-cap of my week. To link up, head on over to Doodle Bugs Teaching and BRAG about five awesome things from this week. I love to be nosey and see what others are doing.

One More Thing....

Only one more day to sign-up for my EduCARE Package Exchange!!!!! 

I Mustache, Will You Participate?


  1. Oh my gosh. Peach cobbler sounds SOOOO good! There is NO way Korea would know what to do with that! They would think it's too sweet.
    Happy early birthday! Mine is coming next month.
    Southern Fried Teachin’

    1. Aww thanks for the birthday wishes!!

      You should definitely make some Peach Cobbler. I am sure they have the ingredients over there...
      AT LEAST.


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