And then it was November!!!

Blog world, I am still alive.

Most of my "Currently-deets" are self-explanatory. However, I must explain where I have been.


Reason One:

Under a pile of work related emotions.

So, this year I was assigned to a new grade level.

Which I love!

But, with a new grade level, come learning new standards and new ways to teach. ALSO- Gone was my Math only life.

I am now teaching Reading.

Which I love.

But it can be hard juggling all subjects in a way that makes me feel like my learners have had time to get it.

Reason Two:

They made me change rooms.

After school had started.

Yup. And this year I had asked them 3 times because I had THAT feeling. And they said "No you are not moving. Then I had to.

[Insert annoyed emotions.]

But I was most upset because I had put so much time in arranging my room for the new grade level.
And they gave it to someone else. My new room was way smaller with less wall/bulletin space.

Bummer....then Tears....then Okay I got this


I found out my new room had termites.


To be continued for another blog post...... <---Always wanted to create cliff hanger



 I am in a new grade level and have minimal reading resources that are appropriate. If you donate before November 7th use the code SPARK and your donation is doubled.


Hello Currently-erz!!
?? <<---yes I just called you Currently-erz
I basically stalked Farley on social media waiting to link up earlier. 
I even started the post in anticipation.

An accountability.

I may have a back to school goal NOT to disappear from my blog.

And to post every week.

*Fingers Crossed*


Listening: Has anyone run across the Beyonce tag on social media...
Its basically a tribute to the fact she can dance to anything.
So they dub her on various songs in the most humorous way ever.
Type t in Youtube or Facebook.

Well she is dubbed on this one song that I do not know the words to.
Just random words-that I refuse to post on my blog.

But the video they dubbed is HI-LARIOUS.


If you are curious of the song type
"Beyonce ft. Rich Homie Quan-Flex (Remix) 
into YouTube and check it out.

*WARNING: It contains some not so nice language*

Loving: I ordered art from Tallahassee Sunday for my classroom.
It is adorable!!

Sorry the pic is blurry.

I may have #screenshot it from Snapchat!

SN: I am new on Snapchat too ya'll.

Thinking: I have NO IDEA where to begin.
My brain will not shut up about it!

I am teaching 2nd Grade for the 1st 3rd year with the district.

Can you tell I am excited?

I really am! I am in my "I wanna be great" stage of the summer.

Wanting: Raise your hand if you love seafood...

I do! I do!  *in my teacher as student voice*

Well, Red Lobster has this thing called Crabfeast.
.... and I am in love!
If it was healthy, I would eat seafood everyday.

If THAT was financially possible.

Needing: I have officially "worn-in" all my jeans.
When I say that I mean, they all have the infamous thigh holes.
Yup. Those.
So needless to say I NEED to upgrade before school starts.

Are you at a school with no teacher dress code?

I am!

But I am sure thigh holes are distasteful.

I need your help with B2S RAK ideas!!

It is something I have never thought to do.
And I would love to extend a little bit of love to a fellow teacher.

Suggestions Pleaaasssssse!!

Haha..I couldn't help it!

Now I know you can't help it! Hop on over to Oh Boy 4th Grade
 and link what you are CURRENTLY doing.

My Personalized Melonhead says GO!

A Teacher's Summer: Color-Coded Sequencing

Hey guys! Just poppin' in to share a quick strategy I tried this summer. 
I am teaching ESY for the last year ever I am so tired  and one of my Kinders/Rising Firsties is having difficulty recalling the order of things in a story.

Which sucks because she is pretty meticulous in remembering EVERYTHING that happened...

just not when they happened. 

"M" really likes to color, so we picked out her favorite colors and color coded her story.

She loved it! 

While we broke the story apart, we  practiced words she recognized as a clue to search a story for sequence.

She thought it was so cool that after we found the sentenced it was so colorful!!

"It's Like a Rainbow."- M

After that, we talked about First, Next, Then and Finally and Number Sequence.

It was ALOT to cover, but she LOVED having the teachers attention to herself. 

I cannot wait to see if this strategy works in my classroom next year.

Have you guys tried it?

A Teacher's Summer: Creating Crate Seats

Finding out I am teaching a new grade level has me pumped! 

SO pumped that my "teacher brain" will not turn off.


SO yesterday, I decided to put it to GOOD use:

I am so excited!!
so excited I put "seat crates" and not "crate seats" on my pic (above).

SO EXCITED, that I stared at it because I new it was wrong...
but was too excited to edit it and re-upload. My error is candid.

I have wanted to make these forever, but  I was always under a pile of a million district assessments and #teachtothetest responsibilities never got around to it.

Until now.

I know that PINTREST is flooded with how-to's about how these are made.

So I will not beat a dead horse.

Sidenote: I always cringe at the visual I get from that.


Anyways, here are the things I used:

I got everything from Staples, Lowe's and Wal-Mart.  
The most frustrating part was finding the fabric. I have only been in this area for two years, and everything is pretty accessible....but the noticeable difference is no one seems to sew in the city. 
So fabric stores are few and far between...

So stuborn me would rather to go home and eat than use more gas refused to drive another mile!

I just used a throw blanket I found at Wal-Mart. 

>>>>>> Which feels fantastic!

I cannot wait to update you all when I get these cuties into my classroom!

If you have any questions, please leave them below.

Also link your blog in the comments if you have made these for your class. 

Or if you do not mind if I stalk your blog.

With my best Mickey Mouse {Clubhouse} voice:

Thanks for stopping by :-)

Oh Currently!!! Oh Currently!!! It is finally July!!

Could you tell I wrote this post title to the "America" tune? 

Now you it again.

See? Haha!

I cannot believe July has bursted on the scene. 
And what better way to kick it off than with Farley and her CURRENTLY.

LISTEN...have you ever made Siri say dumb things...
or asked her silly questions? 

Clearly this is for my iPhone users.

Stop what you are doing and ask Siri:

"What's zero divided by zero?"

I'll wait.

How do you feel? lol. 

I am LOVING with my new Melonheadz Swagg.

Not only did I finally #MelonheadzAddictsUp ....

I got some Personalized Melonz done. 

Nikki is a genius!!

and Yes I said Melonz.

AHHH!!!! And a little birdy told me she is opening up slots again.

Starting with her Facebook fans.

I am just sayin'.

Okay, so I have been THINKING. 
Not that I have had a couple moments to breathe, 
I am ready to approach next school year....

With "Gazelle-like" Intensity.

I hit some blips this year (see a few emo posts back) and
 I really though maybe teaching was not for me.

But through prayer and reflection, I realized it was for me.

Even Whoopi Goldberg knows I am a teacher...

I got a new EC Life Planner.

*cue pitbulls*

I know how some people have been feeling about ordering lately.

I have been there. Read about it (here) later!

Anyway, thanks to my above scenario, I do not have to buy a

 Teacher planner for two years!!!

And now they have interchangeable covers, so I fixed my issue.

I am WANTING to washi them now!!

Aren't they lovely?

I do not want to talk about it, but my room is a mess!

{Insert offensive hoarders reference here}

Just know, my brain gets wonky when I am stressed.

My room = Exhibit A-Z.

I'm just sayin'. 

ALL STAR..... What do you guys think?

Refer back to "listening" if you have to. 

Okay, it is your turn!!! If you have not already link up with CURRENTLY.

RANDOM PLUG: I just created a Donor's Choose Project.
I am waiting for it to be approved, but until then...

You can still help!!

Will you, pretty please?!?

Donate here.

3-2-1...Teacher Bio!!!

Hey There Everyone!

I am finally on summer vacay (as of last Wednesday) so I am "recharging" Teacher Bloggy-style.....

With a Link-Up!!

Okay so I know that it "technically" is no longer the weekend....
 But its Monday in the summer for a teacher = WEEKEND-ish.

Anyways, this is my first time linking up with this particular linky but I couldn't resist!

            But first, the rules:

            Okay here goes nothin'.....

1. So my teaching journey has been pretty interesting. 

That's why I cannot believe I am approaching my fifth year. It doesn't feel like it. 

Why you ask?

Because I have switched grade levels like some sort of weird binary code.


Which is fine but it also went:

Well I assume this year is all subjects. I found out in a random late night email the last day of school that I was going to a new grade level. Like "Your new assignment is 2nd, have a nice summer."


I am excited because I have ALWAYS wanted to teach 2nd. But I am nervous because I have not taught reading to the little ones. And this year was suppose to be my "I been in a grade level 3 years" victory lap. Oh well. I want to be a Reading Specialist so this will help since I have spent the last 2 yrs in Math. 


2. Call it too many days watching Reality TV.... or blame it on my roots in Interpersonal Communication and Psychology, but I love a challenge. Thus, my heart goes out to so called "behavior kids." You all have ran across one, so no need to explain what they are.

But, I feel like whatever way you describe them, they are misunderstood. And most have learned behaviors...and they learned it from somewhere and for some reason. And I feel that as teachers we should try to understand why the behavior exists so that we can develop a way to help them replace it with a new behavior. 

And in a perfect world I am always successful. 

3. Okay so, yeah. I may get a little carried away when I really "get into" a lesson. And I like to include real-world dialogue and impression...and behavior narration. And sometimes I throw myself into it to get my kiddos engaged when they are looking "lack luster", or they may be nervous to ask for clarification. Like, " Fractions? What does that mean Ms. Tidwell?" 

Or sometimes lamer things. 

1. Okay so instead of talking you to death about this one, just take a lookie:

2. Who DOESN'T like Pitch Perfect??? Okay, do not answer that, because I heard that some people exist that do not like when people randomly break into song.

Somewhere out there. 

But anyway, Pitch Perfect(s) is hilarious. Especially Fat Patricia Amy.

And I will not fully confirm that I learned like 90% of the numbers and lines from the first movie and plan to do the same for the sequel when it hits stores. 

This is one of my NUMBER ONE goals. I am trying to get better in the financial department so that I can actually reap in the rewards of being a teacher in summer. And spend the summer creating stuff for fun and on TpT without feeling like I never sleep. 

Sorry if it felt as if my post would NEVER end! 

I am just getting back into the swing of things so, bare with me!! 

Lastly, If you are interested in linking up there is still time!! I will link back the blog I found it on here! Also, make sure to check out some of the other bloggers posts.

And 6 Months Later.... A June Currently!

Hi Everyone! It has definitely been one of those years.

As I stated before and never came back.

I have been doing some soul searching; determining if "teaching" is where I should be.

Or better yet, finding my teacher-niche' ....and wondering if Special Education is it.

More on that later.

Its been six months since I "Currently-ed" so go easy on me....

A lot of what I wrote is self-explanatory, but a few things. (THINKING) I recently joined a nonprofit that mentors fostered youth. I am so excited because I was matched up and I get to meet my mentee tomorrow! (NEEDING) In order to get my finances in order, I have made a few changes. One includes Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University, which I graduated from this past Saturday-yay! In it you make an Emergency Fund of $1000 for instances when Murphy pops up....and he does pop up!  (SUMMER LOVIN) I plan to be touristy! I am coming on my third summer in this area and I never really explore...I made it my goal to do so! Also, I want to get back into art- my first love. Art can be very therapeutic and I need it after this school year is over....on the 24th-AHHH! Lastly, Ramsey taught me to go after the things I want to change or improve with "gazelle-like" intensity, so I plan to spend the summer doing just that.

Thank you guys so much for stopping by. Stay tuned for a follow-up post about Highlights and Lowlights (?) from this year and where I have been.