And 6 Months Later.... A June Currently!

Hi Everyone! It has definitely been one of those years.

As I stated before and never came back.

I have been doing some soul searching; determining if "teaching" is where I should be.

Or better yet, finding my teacher-niche' ....and wondering if Special Education is it.

More on that later.

Its been six months since I "Currently-ed" so go easy on me....

A lot of what I wrote is self-explanatory, but a few things. (THINKING) I recently joined a nonprofit that mentors fostered youth. I am so excited because I was matched up and I get to meet my mentee tomorrow! (NEEDING) In order to get my finances in order, I have made a few changes. One includes Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University, which I graduated from this past Saturday-yay! In it you make an Emergency Fund of $1000 for instances when Murphy pops up....and he does pop up!  (SUMMER LOVIN) I plan to be touristy! I am coming on my third summer in this area and I never really explore...I made it my goal to do so! Also, I want to get back into art- my first love. Art can be very therapeutic and I need it after this school year is over....on the 24th-AHHH! Lastly, Ramsey taught me to go after the things I want to change or improve with "gazelle-like" intensity, so I plan to spend the summer doing just that.

Thank you guys so much for stopping by. Stay tuned for a follow-up post about Highlights and Lowlights (?) from this year and where I have been.


  1. That's amazing that you are mentoring fostered youth! I enjoyed reading your currently June!

  2. Congrats on finishing the Ramsey class! I'm working on getting finances in order too! We teachers need to know how to save, save, save... so we can spend, spend, spend later on! :)

  3. I enjoyed reading your Currently! The Financial Peace University sounds interesting. Good for you for setting aside the $1000. Thanks for sharing!

    I Heart My Kinder Kids

  4. Hi Emerald! What a beautiful name! I'm sorry to hear you had a difficult year. I hope next year will be worlds better! In the meantime, have a wonderful, relaxing summer! Carol's Teaching Garden


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