It's Me......Ms. Tidwell. I am here.

So I was reminded today by a friend of mine that this blog still exists.

I never realized just how occupied my time has been lately. But going forward I plan to blog.

Things have been happening and I still want to share my teaching experiences.

I am slowly creepy out of that "not so groovy" space.

My random teacher rut.

Let's start with a Currently.

I have not teamed up with the awesome Farley in a while.....

Well- what's funny is I CURRENTLY'd last month, got busy and never posted it.

*slaps head*


Most of these are self explanatory, so I will save you the details. Also, some are silent prayers between God and myself.

Feel free to volunteer to complete the IEP goals though lol.

Send prayers up for Jayson if you are able and willing. Short story, he suffers from a syndrome the doctors are not able to diagnose(yet). He just had cranio-surgery and had distractors put in to allow him more space for his brain. But this is not the only elements of his journey.

Please read about his story here.


  1. I'm needing to create sub plans too! I put it off until the last second every time. I am NEEDING to get better about that in the new year. Enjoy your holiday!

  2. Gosh I've listened to All of Me SO much! Still love it though, such a beautiful song :)
    Enjoy your holidays!
    Mme Gauthier's French Class


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