Hello Currently-erz!!
?? <<---yes I just called you Currently-erz
I basically stalked Farley on social media waiting to link up earlier. 
I even started the post in anticipation.

An accountability.

I may have a back to school goal NOT to disappear from my blog.

And to post every week.

*Fingers Crossed*


Listening: Has anyone run across the Beyonce tag on social media...
Its basically a tribute to the fact she can dance to anything.
So they dub her on various songs in the most humorous way ever.
Type t in Youtube or Facebook.

Well she is dubbed on this one song that I do not know the words to.
Just random words-that I refuse to post on my blog.

But the video they dubbed is HI-LARIOUS.


If you are curious of the song type
"Beyonce ft. Rich Homie Quan-Flex (Remix) 
into YouTube and check it out.

*WARNING: It contains some not so nice language*

Loving: I ordered art from Tallahassee Sunday for my classroom.
It is adorable!!

Sorry the pic is blurry.

I may have #screenshot it from Snapchat!

SN: I am new on Snapchat too ya'll.

Thinking: I have NO IDEA where to begin.
My brain will not shut up about it!

I am teaching 2nd Grade for the 1st 3rd year with the district.

Can you tell I am excited?

I really am! I am in my "I wanna be great" stage of the summer.

Wanting: Raise your hand if you love seafood...

I do! I do!  *in my teacher as student voice*

Well, Red Lobster has this thing called Crabfeast.
.... and I am in love!
If it was healthy, I would eat seafood everyday.

If THAT was financially possible.

Needing: I have officially "worn-in" all my jeans.
When I say that I mean, they all have the infamous thigh holes.
Yup. Those.
So needless to say I NEED to upgrade before school starts.

Are you at a school with no teacher dress code?

I am!

But I am sure thigh holes are distasteful.

I need your help with B2S RAK ideas!!

It is something I have never thought to do.
And I would love to extend a little bit of love to a fellow teacher.

Suggestions Pleaaasssssse!!

Haha..I couldn't help it!

Now I know you can't help it! Hop on over to Oh Boy 4th Grade
 and link what you are CURRENTLY doing.

My Personalized Melonhead says GO!


  1. Well...I was looking for your Currently, but I see you don't have it up yet. ;) I'll just have to come back. Have a great night!

    1. Haha sorry! I was typing it and as motivation to complete it tonight I linked it. Haha for accountability. Its basically almost done now-lol.

  2. I can't wait to hear about the tally apple. When getting my hair done, I ,too, did a bit (ahhh, a bit more than a bit) of shopping. Is it bad that I pulled the old "leave the shopping bag in the car so hubby doesn't see" move? Hee Hee. :)

  3. I love your Tallahassee Apple! I've been debating getting purchasing one .. I think they're adorable but I can't give in yet. :( Good luck with 2nd grade. I'm leaping from 3rd grade to 8th grade, but I'm sure we'll both be great. :)

    Take Me To Third Grade


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