A Teacher's Summer: Color-Coded Sequencing

Hey guys! Just poppin' in to share a quick strategy I tried this summer. 
I am teaching ESY for the last year ever I am so tired  and one of my Kinders/Rising Firsties is having difficulty recalling the order of things in a story.

Which sucks because she is pretty meticulous in remembering EVERYTHING that happened...

just not when they happened. 

"M" really likes to color, so we picked out her favorite colors and color coded her story.

She loved it! 

While we broke the story apart, we  practiced words she recognized as a clue to search a story for sequence.

She thought it was so cool that after we found the sentenced it was so colorful!!

"It's Like a Rainbow."- M

After that, we talked about First, Next, Then and Finally and Number Sequence.

It was ALOT to cover, but she LOVED having the teachers attention to herself. 

I cannot wait to see if this strategy works in my classroom next year.

Have you guys tried it?

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