And then it was November!!!

Blog world, I am still alive.

Most of my "Currently-deets" are self-explanatory. However, I must explain where I have been.


Reason One:

Under a pile of work related emotions.

So, this year I was assigned to a new grade level.

Which I love!

But, with a new grade level, come learning new standards and new ways to teach. ALSO- Gone was my Math only life.

I am now teaching Reading.

Which I love.

But it can be hard juggling all subjects in a way that makes me feel like my learners have had time to get it.

Reason Two:

They made me change rooms.

After school had started.

Yup. And this year I had asked them 3 times because I had THAT feeling. And they said "No you are not moving. Then I had to.

[Insert annoyed emotions.]

But I was most upset because I had put so much time in arranging my room for the new grade level.
And they gave it to someone else. My new room was way smaller with less wall/bulletin space.

Bummer....then Tears....then Okay I got this


I found out my new room had termites.


To be continued for another blog post...... <---Always wanted to create cliff hanger



 I am in a new grade level and have minimal reading resources that are appropriate. If you donate before November 7th use the code SPARK and your donation is doubled.


  1. *insert all Thanksgiving dishes here* LOL I love that and totally agree!! Have a happy Thanksgiving!

    Terrific Teaching and Learning

  2. Potato Bread? Homemade? I've never had it, but it's sounds wonderful! Donor's Choose has made such a difference for my students the past few years. Good luck with your project! Jen

  3. Emerald, I LOVE your blog design and name it is so cute. I completely can relate about the million and one things that are running through my head, I kind of don't know where to start, lol. You have certainly been through a lot since the start of school. I hope things start to calm down for you. Have a great Sunday and Happy November! :)

  4. Welcome back to the blogging world! I am hoping to mount a comeback here myself... I can totally relate to your situation. I changed grade levels this year too (5 grades in the last 10 years, all at the same school) but thankfully didn't have to switch rooms. I've done that mid-year-room-switch too and it's not fun. Good luck on your new teaching endeavors, and know that the blogging world is here for you!

    Smocus Smocus

  5. Oh no, the start of your year does not sound like it's been fun :( bless you. Potato bread sounds interesting! Sounds like you have lots going on, hope it clears up in your mind soon :)

    Teaching Autism

  6. Hang in there...this has not been an ideal year for me either, so I understand where you are coming from! One day at a time...


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