The Erin Condren Experience: Pt. 1- Production and Customer Service

So I know you are dying to know.

And I have been crawling up the wall holding it all in.

Seriously. I have been holding this story in for a month now.

It started with my usual blog stalking. I ran across the CUTEST little planner.

The post said it was Erin Condren.

With further research I was sold.


I am excited beyond excited.

Literally no ceiling!!!

I ordered everything but a t-shirt right?

You are wrong. 

I got a t-shirt too. I just forgot to put it in the picture. I honestly order 
so much I was overwhelmed with excitement.

Then, like my old pal Rafriki, I "looked HARDER."

Where was the script last name I requested....

and OH MY GAH!!! Am I married or nah?

I definitely did NOT request "MRS." on my customer order.

I was so bummed :-/

I emailed Customer Support because the number on the invoice was

"NOT IN SERVICE"  <------ seriously.

A support tech, Nicole, corresponded with me and was super polite.

She got me to send pics of the items, referenced my 
invoice and saw it

was an error with production....or something. It happens.

Nicole got my ordered sent for reprinting.

I had to wait for another one. Boo.


It was overnighted again. Sweet.

(o_O) <---- My initial reaction.

(-_-) <---- My final reaction.

Where is the script for my last name? 
It was special requested  when I ORIGNIALLY ordered.

And what happened to my second-line customization 
on my notepads? I definitely listed my school name to be included.

Look at these then go ahead and shoot back up to the first pic.

Really?! I was pretty mad. 

I called Customer Support and spoke to John randomly,
 and got disconnected somehow. GRRRR.

I called back and got Bryan.

He was a super nice guy and apologized. He offered to print them again.


This time I requested a screen shot before shipping.

* 4 days later*

Screenshots that I got after shipping.
Images look good...



I am more anxious than excited. 

My last name is in script! YAY!!!!

But what is with the bent pages?

Must be the shipping. It is cool.

Wait a minute.....

Why is "Ms." multi-colored?


Okay so my blood is boiling. I am tryna figure out WHERE my 

notebooks are that I paid for AND how come the planner

 does not look like the screen shots! 

I sent the nicest angry email ever. 

No, I am not gonna show it on my blog.

Just no it was not flowers and butterflies.

I got this in response:

I gotta pause and say, I have a Customer Service crush on Bryan.

All stores need a Bryan.

He didn't email me the next day though. 

Because he was working on getting me a solution.

I got another reprint offer. If it was wrong again, 
I could get a FULL refund. 

I also spoke with Nicole who got me a $20.00 Store Credit.

Which I appreciated, but was not too excited about.


Bad News
 First thing I noticed was, it was open.

The pretty wrapping paper ripped off.


My first guess is someone tried to steal it,
 but had a change of heart because it was customized.

SO no unwrapping pics for my review.

Good News

Everything is CORRECT!!!

EXCEPT for the "MS." on the notepads!!!
(which I noticed after I was re-reading this post for errors)

And they sent me 4 free notepads.
The package says, "Oops! Our goof is your gift!"
(This makes sense now)

I am super excited about my final products!

And ironically, now I have planners for the next four years.

Final Thoughts (Springer Style)
Overall, I am kind of traumatized with ordering extra specifics on custom printing. I scan not say that Erin Condren has a horrible production team, I would just recommend an updated website so that you can see what they are making. Not only did they make me MANY versions of what I did not ask for, I can imagine how much profit they lost. ESPECIALLY if this is not a freak isolated incident and it happens often. I cannot say yay or nay until I decide to order again and it happened again. As for their customer service, it was an awesome experience. I was able to communicate my needs as a customer and they tried their best to relay that to the production and the design teams. I am very grateful for Bryan for making sure my order issues were finally resolved. I love my planner and cannot wait to use it!!! As for the others, they may make great gifts, or I will cover the 2014-2015 calendars, and the "Mrs." on the first one and use them for the next few years.

Any thoughts or ideas on how I should repurpose them?


  1. I would be so mad! If it were me, I would have talked to a supervisor. I can imagine that these weren't cheap. As for the Mrs. part, I would probably do something cheezy with them and draw a big heart around the Mrs. or something like that.
    Southern Fried Teachin’

  2. Sadly...I don't think you are the only one that has had this issue. I've seen one of these planners in person and they look awesome. I might wait another year until I get the itch again to order one!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. My planner had my last name spelled wrong and they told me it was my fault, and I now have one with a name that is NOT mine on it. I used it anyways, and then ended up using electronic planners anyways. Has it worked out? Have you used them at all and did you like them? Mine is basically blank, but have thought about using it.


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