April S.L.A.N.T Box Reveal + a Peek into my Week!

Whadda know....
My S.L.A.N.T Box finally decided to show its face.

It took FOREVER!

That is the ONE thing about snail mail that sucks.

But it is here with all its glory!


Theme: Spring into a good book!

I was matched up with a fellow 3rd grade blogger name Lacey, whose blog name escapes me at the moment. 
With the hustle and bustle of state testing EVERYWHERE,
 she was still able to pop me this little gift in the mail. 

I was super surprised to see the Berenstain Bears.

I had a "Back to the Future" moment.

And she included a pretty patterned cross notecard, 
with a sweet note inside.

If you hadn't guessed, everything this month had to
 relate to the book.

SO guess what else I got?


om nom nom.

I also got this really cute Monogrammed E book clip. 
Which is a perfect idea for the May S.L.A.N.T. Box theme!

For those of you who have been living on Pluto and are not familiar with the S.L.A.N.T Box, hop on over to see 
Jameson at Lessons With Coffee 
to get yourself filled in with specifics, but basically:

I sent my box to Breanna at Bee Smart Scholars, 
which is an education consultant website, not a blog. 

But you can check out what I got her by following her Instagram.
IG: brecee_

Overall, I really enjoyed it, and I already signed up for May!

 A Peek into My Week

The majority of the week will consist of me,
 running around like this:

But it will ALL be worth it.

I am completing my Teacher Evaluation Packet 
and my last two IEP's!!

Woop! Woop!

I also signed up for some community outreach 
opportunities at school and my church that 
I am pretty pumped about.

ATTENTION: I will be having a 

Teacher Appreciation Giveaway!

Which you will love.

Because who does not like to win free swag.

SO check on my blog tomorrow afternoon for details!

Update: Look below Johnny Depp to enter NOW!!


  1. I love the Berenstain Bears and junk food makes it even that much better! Have a great week!!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  2. Hey, I got a Berenstain Bears book in my SLANT Box too! Apparently they are making a comeback... they even have a pretty cool website! :D

  3. Hey, Emerald! Glad to see you got connected with Lacey! :) Good luck with your teacher evaluation stuff. I know that can be time consuming but boy, will you be relieved when it's done... just in time to relax for summer, I'm sure! :)
    Mrs. Jones Teaches

  4. Your blog is super adorable and I love the Berenstain Bears!


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