Mathematical Monday: Solving Story Problems Using Bar Modeling.

A few weeks ago, I went to a workshop called, "Boosting Students' Math Problem-Solving Skills Using Singapore Model Drawing".

And I loved it.

With all the demands around End-of-Year teacher checklists, observation and student testing, I did not get a
 chance to try it out with my kiddos.

I "almost" forgot about it!


It isn't exactly a new skill...
according to the curriculum.

That calls it something else and randomly throws in a Unit Assessment from time to time.

"What is Bar Modeling?", asks a follower.


Bar Modeling is similar to the "Draw A Picture to Solve" strategy, yet it is always a variation of the same picture (bars of some sort) to solve problems using different operations. Bar Modeling is a method for students to transfer information in a problem to a visual, that they can solve.

My students struggle with breaking apart word problem,
and trying to figure out what strategies to do.

So this was perfect.

We walked through a problem today in class.

I always turn students into math problems or incorporate something tactile add MOVEMENT into math-SO we also made a giant bar model to represent the question.

This is not how long it Panoramic option on my iPhone wanted a battle of the wits.

And I lost *hangs head in shame*

But I did manage to snap a pic of Bar Model Learning at its FINEST.

I cannot wait to delve into it more :-)

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  1. I just adore your new design!!!
    I've used singapore math in the past, but LOVE how you made the large floor model. Genius! It's such a great tool for our visual learners.



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