E-Spa-cially for Moms!

In my usual blog stalking browsing, 
I ran into the CUTEST little Mother's Day activity.
Not to live vicariously through my kiddos, but it is 
something I know that 3rd Grade Emerald would have loved to do!

My Spa-cial Mothers Day Craft

See! Isn't it the cutest thing?

I changed it up a bit and put them on larger construction paper (unlike the example), because it seemed like it  would make the eventual transition from home to school a lot easier. 

The directions were pretty simple and the resources 
were all included in the download.

I was e-SPA-cially stoked that it came with
coupon book and story templates to accommodate
all types of families. I have a student who lives 
with Grandma and she was excited when I gave her a 
template that allowed her to make it special, 
just for her "Mama".

I know Mother's Day is literally right around the corner,
but there is still time to do this awesome little creativity with
your kiddos, or even with your kids for grandmothers and aunts.

There is also a "Someone" option.

Head over to visit 
for mor information about getting 
your hands on this activity!

If You Mustache, I loved it.
I even created one alongside my students.
They were so into it!

Don't you just {heart} them to pieces?


  1. We do heart them to pieces!! They turned out OH so cute and love, love how you put a background with them. Absolutely adorable...Thank you so much for sharing your Spa Moms!
    Christy & Tammy

  2. Um....those are probably the cutest things EVER!!!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. Those. Are. Adorable!!! Just about THE cutest Mother's Day present ever!
    Southern Fried Teachin’


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