Let's Talk Tuesday: HIMYM

I just finished watching the most recent episode of, How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) and I have SO MUCH going through my mind about what happened.

*S P O I L E R   A L E R T*

I plan to go into details about this episode and others, so NOW is your chance to click away, if life has you a couple episodes (or seasons behind)

Episode: Vesuvius 

The episode opens at the inn we have all seen soooo much this season, since this season is based on a weekend.

But this scene is suppose to be 2025.

Weirdness in itself.

We see Ted and "The Mother", talking about the worst snowstorm ever. 

I want to add that they are super cute....

I was not convinced at first of her as "The Mother", because I always thought it would be Victoria, but she works.

I also find it hilarious that she is kind of like the product of Ted and Lily, with Robin's hair.


Anyway, they realize they have told each other ALL their stories and are officially an "Old Married Couple".

How cute.

But Ted keeps getting choked up. And "The Mother" expresses concern that he will live in his "stories" and not move forward.

Reason # 3 of why I think "The Mother" is dying, or has died in Ted's present life of 2030.

The story then jumps to how Robin and Barney are dealing with it being THE DAY. Robin is being super "I don't care" and it's pissing Lily off. 

They also brought our favorite lil' liar on the show. (Lucy Hale)

Flash forward to Barney, who is freaking out in a room full of suits. 

He even got them a room under the alias Susan Tubb, aka Sue Tubb, aka "Suit up".

He got a suit made that was "just right" but he is nervous that he may need to wear another suit.

We are all smart here, so we KNOW he was not referring to just a suit. In the end that was all good.

Back to Robin....

She finally has her freak out when she goes in the hall for ice and sees her mom actually showed up. In the future the mother states something like, " Of course, who wouldn't actually show up to their own daughters wedding". 

And Ted starts to cry.

Reason # 4 of why I think "The Mother" is dying, or has died by Ted's present life of 2030.

I started with 3 and 4 because these are NOT the only moments that convince me that something is "wrong" with Ted's wife, or that she has passed away. 

Who remembers the "Time Traveler's" episode?

I will not go into a LONG drawn out explanation. It's available on Google.

But check this out:

Reason # 2 of why I think "The Mother" is dying, or has died by Ted's present life of 2030.

And lastly, Reason #1 is the obvious. He is sitting down telling the kids how he met their mother. If she is around, then why isn't she there putting in her two cents?

I have been a HUGE fan of this show forever and it will be sad to me for it to end with the death of "The Mother".

The final episode airs March 31, 2014. It is called "Last Forever".

And there my bloggy buddies, is my final reason.

And after that, I will have a huge GAPING hole in my life Monday Night's at 8pm EST.

For dramatic effect I will add a cast picture:

PS- Let's Talk Tuesday is something new I will be trying out. Let me know what shows, movies  or whatever you wanna hear about. Otherwise, I will keep talking about my hearts desires.

Not really.

Until next Tuesday.

* we all know I will be blogging before then.*


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  1. I just happily stumbled upon your blog. So not only am I LOVING your blog design, but I am super excited to find another HIMYM addict! I'm a huge fan! LOVE that you wrote a synopsis about this weeks show! I will be back next week to discuss! :) Have a nice weekend.
    Pinkadots Elementary


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