Happy F4F....it's last day of February already?

Is it just me, or is 2014 zooming along?


I am excited because we are inching toward summer....but before we get there my school is gearing up for state testing NEXT WEEK.


However, this week I have been dragging my feet. I even waited until today, the last possible day, to complete my annual car inspection.

Shame, shame shame!!!

But I did take a "sick day". 

I did drive to Virginia to see my family & friends.

AND I DID WAKE UP EARLY <--- gahhhh!

and my inspection was a success! 

Woop! Woop!

Luckily I go in and out early, or i wouldn't be online as we speak, errr....type?   to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for one of my favorite addictions.

*does the cabbage patch*

Time to "get up on" it....

New Techy Toy: Since I jumped back into tinkering on design programs I decided to get a new Wacom. I had one back in college but I BARELY used it. I am excited to play around with it and create some clipart! Hopefully, once I get the hang of it again, I can create some awesome things for other teachers to use...stay tuned!!!

Reality Addiction:OHEMGEE! Have you guys seen this show? It has me hooked! Basically, it is a show that MTV "dreamed up" where 20 singles who suck at relationships are living in a house...

Kinda like a cross of Real World and a matchmaking show of some sort.

Anyway, they used science to match them and if they figure out the pairs then they when 1 million dollars to split!


It sounds like easy money, right?

Too bad they suck at relationships. It has been SO INTERESTING to see the wrong choices they have made though. lol

And they are getting pretty close.

Well closer.

I don't want to spoil it for you (just yet) so check it out!

Black History Literature Spotlight: To celebrate African American literature the Intermediate Grade Levels (4-6) came around to read to the K-3 classrooms. My class got the chance to meet Pedro, a 5th grade ESOL and TAG (gifted/talented). He was super shy at first, but my kiddos love stories and eventually he was at home with us. It was pretty awesome!! At the end we gave Pedro "the Rollercoaster" cheer and 5 Tiger Paws (school incentive money).

Thank you for visiting us Pedro!!!

Total Book Nerd: I got a new book this week!!! I absolutely love Terry McMillian. What attracted me to it first was the bright yellow cover. I picked it up and headed straight out!

I'm lying. I stalk Barnes and Noble and look for hours. I carried it around for an hour and had to make myself put other books down.

Book Nerd.

Anyway, so far it is pretty good. It has random (o_O) moments but if you are a fan of her work, you'll love it.

My mom tried to take it as soon as she saw it.

Book Nerd UNITED.

Ms. Clean Desktop: I created a desktop organizer this week as well.

Yes, I have been busy.

I created one for a friend as well. They both have a cute little teacher from a "Create A Teacher" kit I got off Tpt. It is by Melonheadz, ever heard of her?

PLEASE!! Who hasn't? 4 out of 5 teacher bloggers are probably Melonheadz Addicts!

Her clipart is super cute.

Anyway, I will be selling custom desktop organizers in my tpt store! Before I do, I would like to create some samples. 

Anyone interested? 

Go to my sidebar and hit "Join this Site".

Follow me.

Then post a comment with the link to your blog and email. I will contact you to get the info you want for your desktop organizer.

YES I will do it for FREE.

But I am only looking for 5 PEOPLE.

Okay, that is my 5-cap of my week. To link up, head on over to Doodle Bugs Teaching and BRAG about five awesome things from this week.

I love to be nosey and see what others are doing.

One more thing.....

One of my closest friends sent me a "pick-me-up" meme on instagram.

I thought it was hilarious.



  1. Do I count to enter your "guinea pig" sample list of 5. I already follow and basically stalk your blog! I know you already hooked me up with my adorable mustache faces. Also, I am totally going to TPT to get the teacher kit. I {heart} Melonheadz and have been meaning to get some of her stuff.

    Also, did you read my acceptance of the Leibster nomination? I posted it on my blog and then realized I probably should have accepted it on your post. Whooops!

    oh you know... thereddishbrowncrayon.blogspot.com

  2. You are hilarious.

    YES, I saw it..... via email! Thanks to "notify me"


    YES I will include you in the 5 "guinea pigs", how you so eloquently called it.

  3. Girl, I just LOVE reading your blog! You make me laugh. And I already follow your blog, but I would LOVE a desktop organizer if you have time!

    Southern Fried Teachin’

  4. I love your blog! I'm kinda intimidated by all the great blogs out there, but I'm gonna keep on trying because I always love a challenge. I found your blog via
    The Reddishbrown Crayon and couldn't help but stop by and learn from you! I too am a complete book nerd! I love to read and I now have 3 little ladies who are just as bad as I am. I often have to get on to my oldest to "put that book down and go play!" Crazy right?! Well, thanks for letting me visit!
    News, Views & Stews

    1. Thank you Korren!!!! I know that "intimidation" all too well....I am pretty new to blogging too. I think about it like this; technology is always changing....so everyone is ALWAYS new to some aspect of it. You will fall right in soon enough!!

      Thanks for stopping by :-)


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