There was a BIG STINK...

Ever had a day that made you feel like you have NOW experienced it all?

That was me yesterday....

The day that I will always remember as THE BIG STINK.

Let me explain...

The day started out as any usual Tuesday. I came in and got ready to greet my kiddos. I put down my lunch and plugged in my computer.

When my kiddos came in I NEVER really got a chance to sit. There was so much to get done. They switch with my teaching buddy early, so I needed to get them squared away and out the door. Finally though, I was able to sit down and catch my breath before my 4th grade gang came in.

And then I smelled it.

I was making the "what is that face" and sniffing around. I must have smelled everything on my desk. I chalked it up to my lunch for today and got my morning warm-up ready.

But as the day progressed, I started to avoid my desk. I could not figure out what it was but it seemed like I was the ONLY one who smelled it. My para and the dedicated aid in my room looked at me as if I were nuts.

Fast Forward to the end of the day....

I couldn't take it. I snatched the file drawer out of my desk and pushed the desk forward.  A smell permeated across my face and felt as if it surrounded my desk. My students were like, "ugh!!" and the para was like, " what is that sour smell?"

I knew I wasn't crazy.

If you saw me dumping EVERYTHING I owned out of that desk, you would have thought otherwise.


I found it! 

And UNOPENED bottle if milk.

Or, it use to be milk. Now it was filmy water with a big white lump in the middle.


Backstory: We have breakfast in the classroom...then we switch classes.
..... and it can get kind of hectic with getting my kiddos ready to transition. And with late buses, I sometimes gather breakfast and hold it at my desk for late students.


So, I pinpointed the exact moment it all started- last Tuesday.

Yes LAST Tuesday, as in last week.

I swore I held some milk and cereal at my desk for a kiddo, but I could not for the life of me find the milk when he arrived. I didn't have time so I got him a new one and moved on.

And the missing milk was a memory.

That expanded and aged hidden in my desk.....

under papers...unremembered.

Until the heat from my from my room and the days gone by caused it to spring the TINIEST of leaks.

That packed a big stink.

Have you ever smelled chunky milk? Or seen it?


Anyway, I learned something; I will no longer use my desk to hold breakfast. I have designated an area for late students.

CORRECTION: I WILL designate an area for late students.

And more importantly, I will stop and double check my desk when something is missing.

Or if I thought I had it and I do not see it.

Especially if it is food.

Whew! I can still smell it when I think about it.

*abrupt end to story*

Enjoy your night guys :-)

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