I know I said I would wait but.....I am too excited!!

Hey! I know I said I would have some things for Made-it-Monday....but I could NOT wait that long.....

I have posted my first official "clip art" and digital paper sets in my tpt store.- WOOP!! WOOP!!

Just because I again, cannot wait for you to mosey on over to my sidebar....

My Huggie Bears Clipart is available here

My Huggie Bears Digital Paper Pack is available here

Aren't they soooo cute? I think I am super proud because I have barely cracked open my computer art and design "spidey senses" in at least 6 years. Yes...SIX.YEARS. My degree is collecting dust (I will explain later). But, seriously, let me know what you think, and DON'T FORGET TO DOWNLOAD!!

I use all caps a lot. And sometimes I am really screaming at the screen...with excitement.

Haha, stay tuned for my February CURRENTLY post later.... 

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