Valentine's Day Linky: Are you Lucky in Love?

Love is in the air.....

Can you smell it?

With Valentine's Day being "Only a day a-way" I decided to hop on Molly at Lucky to Be in First's linky party titled,  Are you Lucky in Love? She made this super cute template, and all you have to do is download it and add your own "loves".

Here goes........

My sisters and my mommie: Those three women ARE my heart. We have been through so much together (good and bad). I am the "middle child", but in a sense I was the leader of the pack. My sister and I are very different but a lot alike. I know that won't make sense to some people, but if you have sisters, you understand. And my mom!!! My mom is my rock, she is truly an amazing woman.

My nephew Khalil: This little guy is the bees knees. Not only is he adorable, he has SUCH a smart brain.  I cannot believe he will be 6 this year and going to the 1st grade. (He will actually still be 5 when he starts 1st grade). I love him to pieces!!!

My Friends: You wanna talk AWESOMETASTIC support system? Have friends like mine! What I love most is that I have learned to love from each of them. And, in their own individual ways they have all been there for me. They say people can tell the type of person you are by the company you keep.....well that means I must be very special, because this bunch is the best!

Teaching Math with manipulatives: What can I say....I love manipulatives! In my classroom, manipulatives not only engage, but they give my kids the confidence they need to work independently. Growing up, I was a "hands on" learner. It is fun to see that transfer over into what I do.... and a PLUS is that I am also able to use how I learn to help my kiddos learn!

Creating Clip Art on Photoshop: I recently rekindled my love for creating. Creating relaxes me and allows me to experience this whole new world that I thought I had given up on. Creating clip art for teaching resources and activities allows me to combine my two loves- Teaching and Art. I Mustache that you be on the look out for it all!

Teacher Blog and Blogging: My new obsession! I love teacher blogs and blogging because it allows me to connect with teachers all over. While I enjoy resources from my colleagues, I love to see what is happening elsewhere. I have made some great connections and learned so much in the short time I have been exposed to the blogging community! Thank you rock!

Apple Products: Who DOESN'T love at least one Apple product? To date, I have all the items pictured above, plus an additional Macbook Pro from my district, and two old school ipods (nano and regular). My dream computer is an iMac, which I hope to get in the next few years. 

Okay, that is it! I had a hard time choosing just a few loves, so I settled with 7. Knowing me, I could have continued on and on.

And on.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the things that make my heart skip a beat. Please make sure you head on over to Lucky to Be in First and link up.

* random love song fades out in the background*


  1. Emerald - I am so glad you linked up & I found your adorable blog! Thanks for sharing all of your pictures -s o great to get to know you! I too have an obsession with Apple Products and blogs! SO wish I could make my own clipart (although I suppose I would need to know how to draw - ha!)

    Happy Valentine's Day!
    Lucky to Be in First

  2. Thank you! I was a super cute linky! Making my own clip art is a new obsession for me. I am actually not "drawing" yet....I am using a design program. I will be drawing on the look out!!

    I hope you Valentines Day was SNOW-tastic :-)



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