Sunday Funday: I am addicted to Linky Parties

I can say it...because I DO admit it.

My name is Emerald, and I am ADDICTED TO LINKY PARTIES.

Okay now that is settled.... I found a linky for Sundays!! Two bloggers Deirdre (A Burst of First) and Molly (Lucky to Be in First) have teamed up to create:

Isn't it uber presh?

Anyway, you are suppose to talk about something you are excited about from our week. 

I have to choose one thing??


Since I have been back into Photoshop and joined the bloggy world....


Okay, it would have to be my OWN linky....... 

The Educare Package

I am excited because it should be super awesome!! 

Getting to know other bloggers and getting cool stuff in the mail are two of my favorite things.

Wanna know more? Then click here

Or ........


After you check out the awesomeness that is my linky and get excited about it too, and grab the button..... AND SIGN UP...

PLEASE PLEASE link up with Molly and Deirdre... You can "get up on" the Sunday Funday Linky from either of their blogs! Here they are again:

Deirdre (A Burst of First

Until next Sunday ya'll :-)


  1. Emerald, you crack me up! You can totally share more than one thing - whatever is fun! Love the idea for your linky! Have a super week!

    Lucky to Be in First

    1. Share MORE than one thing?

      GOOD GOLLY Mrs. Molly....

      You just opened up Pandora's Box!!!

      Oh the list I will have for this upcoming Sunday!!!

      "Dun Dun Dunnnnnnnn!!!" * Despicable Me Minion voice*

  2. Hi Emerald. I'm addicted to Linky parties, rafflecopter, TPT...I love all of it. I like your blog, too, so I signed on to follow. Cheers,

  3. Your post made me laugh :) :) Glad I found you in the linky party!
    Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd

    1. Thanx Ashley!!!!

      I love how your blog has your last name in it! I wish i could have done something cool with mine, but its "blah".

      Anywho, I tend to laugh at my posts too. Sometimes i'm like, "wait, I wrote that?" lol. But thats what I love about blogging....

      Its kind of like an interactive interactive diary for teachers.

      which is awesome!

      Thanx for stopping by.

      ps- I will be stopping by your post too. I am at work so I have to wait until lunch, but i glanced and saw green peppers..... om nom nom.

      i love green peppers!

      Happy Monday!!

  4. Girl! Your addiction is turning me into one too! JK -- I think it was inside me all along. I couldn't resist this one either. At this rate, I'm not sure when my work is ever going to get done. It's a good thing I did the housework yesterday. I have all day to play and hopefully plan for next week.

    1. We are Linky Party Addicts and that's perfectly fine.

      Look out for a Linky Party Addicts Linky Party.... Me and another blogger are about to start it!


  5. That educare package looks interesting. I will have to research it more. :)
    Come Visit Readbox!

    1. Yay!!!! Check out the tab I have for it! And share it with others....

      If you have a question not listed, comment on the EduCARE section just in case someone shares your same question!

      I hope you sign up!!

      Thanks for commenting!!

  6. I'm addicted too! Maybe we can make a linky party for linky party addicts?? ;)

    Alexis at Laugh. Eat. Learn.

    1. Yayy!!! Can we?!!

      That would COMPLETELY ROCK!!

      Email me, we can get that going!!

  7. Hey there girl! I've got some fantastic news for you! I just nominated you for a Liebster Award! I fell in love with your blog right away and knew I wanted to give you this award.
    Hop on over to my blog and follow the directions to accept it!

    Southern Fried Teachin’

  8. Oooooh LOVE the educare package!! Also, I enjoy reading your blog because you write like you talk (if I knew how you talked?! haha! :)). Thanks for sharing and I am excited to read through your old posts!

    Have a great day!
    Little Miss Primary

    1. That's hilarious because I have been always told that I write like I talk. Which was challenging in school sometimes because I had to "tone it down" for structured writing. Booooo.

      Make sure you sign up for EduCARE! The list closes on the 8th for March sign-ups!!

      Thank you for stopping by!!!


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