It's Five 4 Friday!!!

Created by Veronica Maria Jarski
Anybody feel like this at some point this week? 

Needless to say, I am ecstatic to see the weekend. 

And in celebration of such, I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for another Five 4 Friday Linky Party!

Power Towers Update: As you may have read in my Mathematical Monday post, I created some Math Power Towers for my classroom.

You can find information about Power Towers here.

Anyway, my kiddos LOVED.THEM.

Every morning it's " Ms. Tidwell can we do Addition/Multiplication cupstacking? I can solve faster this time!"
It's too.freaking.cute.

photo rights belong to MTV

Teen Wolf Mania: Any Teen Wolf watchers out there in bloggyland? I am soooo hooked on that show! I tuned in every Monday night on MTV.

Spoilers Alert!!!

What is up with Stiles? I was AT THE EDGE of my seat when he pulled a foxy trickster on Scott. 

And I hope Kira is okay.

Did anyone expect Deaton to be there? He may be the one to save Stiles....

But next week's preview has that up in the air.

Oh, and what about Peter's secret daughter? How is he Malia's real dad?

She wasn't a wolf, she was a coyote Werecoyote.

Whatever that is.

My head was spinning this week from all the random pieces.

I can't wait until next Monday.

Buffalo Winged BLISS: Not much to say here....

Except I cooked THE BEST tasting Buffalo Wings ever.

IN THE WORLD. With cut-up celery sticks.


Creative Culture Masks: In our district, we do not have an art class/teacher. Our art teacher works with three different schools so we only see her once a semester. My kiddos were super excited to see her today!

We made African Masks!

Here are more pictures. Aren't they the cutest?

Introducing EduCARE: I am SOOO excited to introduce my new #linkup,The EduCARE Package. 

The EduCARE Package is about making connections with Edubloggers everywhere, for the purpose of encouragement and support, resources and goodies.

Click my {the EduCARE Package} tab for the complete "dealie-oh"

I am opening the sign-up now, A WEEK EARLY, because I am TOO EXCITED!!!

Don't forget to grab the button and share with your bloggy buddies!!

*90's sitcom credits tune*

Okay that's five...what a feat!!!

I had so much going on this week, it was hard to choose 5....

What are five highlights from your week?

Head on over to Doodle Bugs Teaching and "get up on" this linky. I would love to read what you have to say.



  1. Oh my goodness, those masks are adorable!! I love, love, love them!
    And, now I want wings..haha. So happy to have found your blog :)

    First Grade Fairytales

  2. Kelly,

    Thank you! They had soooo much fun making should have your kiddos do it too!

    EVERYTIME I look at the picture I want more wings. I think my F4F always includes food.

    Is that bad?

    You blog is cute! I love the fairy sprinkling teaching magic on each post header!!!

  3. Alright -- I'm totally making those Power Towers for my kiddos this weekend. I'm always looking for ways to help them practice those facts.
    & I <3 your Educare idea! I want to participate. I'm a little worried I won't do it right, though. Do you have an example of a good package?

  4. Hey!! You should TOTALLY make the Power Towers for your kiddos!!! They are a crowd pleaser!!! Also, you can create them for WHATEVER concept you want. I plan on creating some "identifying fraction" towers pretty soon. My only advice is set expectations for how to take care of the games....I am pretty sure your class is five times the size as my class and I had still had to cover this!!

    Thank you, I am excited about EDUCARE! I hope people are into it! There is really no right way to make a package. I think the fun part will be finding things based on what you have learned about your match. That will make the best package. Please do sign up!!


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