T.G.I.F.F.F....Woop! Woop!

Yes, I meant T.G.I.F.F.F...... That's Great, It's Five For Friday!!

Once again, I am "getting my link on" with Doodle Bugs Teaching for my new favorite friday linky party.  

I see many F4F's in my future! 

But anyway.....

I have had a VERY very packed week so without further adieu .......

Project Mania: This week my students Mathematician Biography Projects were due. As per the materials I sent home, students were to create a file foldable that showcased specific info about the mathematicians of the past, similar to the information we learned about Archemides at our field trip (see this post for more information). Well, some parents opted to create with their children on other sized/types of boards.

Which I dig because I {heart} creativity in all forms.

There was also an oral presentation portion of the project. The student with the HUGE board (see picture) was too. freaking. adorable.


Even the Pythagorean Theorem.

As "A little 2 plus B little 2 equals C little 2".  

I loved it.

Then, she announced that she was finished, and requested questions from the "audience".

What a HAM!

I loved my kiddos dialogue as they asked her questions and listened as we all talked about things we liked and noticed about Pythagoras' contribution to math and his life.

It could not have been more awesome.

*repeat statement for all student's presentations*

So Sushi-sational: This week I had the best Shrimp Tempura Roll(s).


At one point I wanted to stop eating just so I could have them around longer.

It was a complete "fatty" moment.

I am remembering the explosion of yumminess right now.

Om nom nom nom....

Best. Sushi.Ever.

Sweet Soil Snacks:This week we talked about soil layers. The students were very engaged(as we were talking about dirt) and completely "on". So as a treat, we all created our very on soil layers. The ingredients were:

Topsoil: crushed graham crackers
Subsoil: chocolate pudding
Bedrock: cream cheese icing

And because I am a team player, YES, I tried it.

YES, it was as disgusting as it sounds.

but YES, they loved it! I even gave them a gummy worm just because they taste awesome.


Student Learning Objectives: My district has implemented that teachers must create Student Learning Objectives (SLO's) as a part of our teacher evaluation system.


One of my goals for my students is to increase their fluency of basic addition facts 0-9.

Without the calculator.

Which sounds strange to some, but my students all have the calculator accommodation, and rely heavily on them. 


I have been teaching them to take ownership for their own learning, by figuring out the ways they learn best. We have practiced addition in MANY MANY ways. So, during our benchmark for our addition progress students were given "their choice" of resources to solve basic addition facts. I DID NOT recommend any specific, I just gave them access to all our learning tools. 

I was worried some would not use their resources, but look at them go!!!

I saw "counting on", use of manipulatives, tallies, pictures...etc.

They have the smartest brains EVER.

It's NEVER too late to CELEBRATE: So, with all the snow days and half days and barf (i had a student get sick this week)...my brain completely farted.

And I forgot about the 100th day of school 


*le sigh*

But's cool because we celebrated anyway......

102nd day style!!

And it was completely awesome.

Bonus: being that I teach 3rd and 4th grade Math (SPED) I was sneaky. We played a game that gave me anecdotal data on what students could do. 

*dusts off shoulder*

Giving credit.....

Someone posted an 100th day game challenge that I "borrowed". In a rush, I forgot who you were, so if you read this THANKS and comment to let me know.

Anyway, my students LOVED this! 

They earned soooo many Tiger Paws (school-wide store bucks).

And we all couldn't stop smiling.



Okay so now it is your turn......

Head on over to Doodle Bugs Teaching to "get up on" this linky party.I cannot wait to read the five-cap on what you guys did, created or learned this week. Please comment and let me know your thoughts on my week. Link your blog so I can visit you. 

Random Plug-in: I have Valentines Day FREEBIES here.


  1. I love your layout! So cute! It would go well with the mustache post-its I found earlier in the school year at Staples haha. And fatty moments are okay! Enjoy them!

    1. I really need those mustache' post-its.....I can already see them all over my classroom.

      Being awesome for no reason!!!

      *searches staples.com*

      Thank you loads for the compliment!! I designed it myself so I will officially be smiling from ear to ear all day!

      see---> :-)

  2. I love the math biographies! What a great idea!

    1. Thank you! I originally used them at a middle school level with my co-teacher last year. I was not sure how they would play out in 3rd/4th grade... but i loved the results.

      I plan on posting my templates/resources a little later on ( i need to tweak em' and make them pretty).

      Be on the lookout!!

      Thank you so much for the compliment!!!

  3. Being the new blogger that I am...I'm curious. What photo program do you use to put your pics into a collage and add those cute mustaches on the kids faces? I am tired of just putting a black box over their eyes and I want to put a cute smiley or something like that.

    1. Hey! I am just seeing this....I use a Adobe CS6, but you can do that in PowerPoint. If you'd like, I can make you a smiley or something. Just let me know what color smiley. I will hit "notify me" so I actually get your message this time.

  4. PowerPoint it is, then. I wish I had Adobe CS6. One day...
    Oh -- I'd love a smiley. How about a turquoise smiley? I think that would match. You can even add a mustache to make it show your handle.


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