Kickin' it CURRENTLY: February style!!

Hey guys! I am linking up with Farley at Oh' Boy, Fourth Grade for her February Currently!

Okay, shall we get to it? Yes :-)

Listening:I love #PandoraRadio. Singing along gets me through grading papers and lesson planning. It is also my "go-to" when my brain will not turn off.

Which happens a lot.


Moving on....

Loving:You see what I did there? Turning my name into a verb is something my best friend started. Apparently I have this "thing" I do when I am overwhelmed, or up to my ears in life and/or "student learning". The in quotations kind of student learning. Grrr.

What I gather is when I am "Emeralding", its like being Type A.....but on fire too. 

I say meh. Well I never!

Back to the CURRENTLY Loving part.... 

Whenever I am feeling that I am falling through the cracks, my mom always has the perfect thing to say. Where do moms get these bags of tricks? Do they give them out with the manual? I guess I will not know until I am a mom too...


Thinking:The mayor of a nearby town in my district( who is also a teacher!) partners with an exchange program in Guatemala. A couple teachers from my school went last year and loved it. I am new to the district  and state, so I have not fully committed to it yet. If not this year then DEFINITELY next year. 


Wanting: I had so much fun designing my blog. I had even more fun creating the three products that I did this week for my tpt store. What is funny is I actually have a certification in graphic design.

And I briefly worked as a designer for my old college...and the school newspaper as co-editor/layout. I also created branding for a nonprofit organization. 

But all this was YEARS ago. 

And with media the way it is, designing is NOT like riding a bike.

Random Plug-in #1
You can view my new tpt products here.

I also am VERY much into creating art with crayons. I have created a few things for my classroom and a few pieces for my teacher friends as gifts. I even sold one! I have pictures housed on my "old" blog. I again use quotations because it is really only a month old. I started it, but it did not feel like home.

Random Plug-in #2

You can check out my crayon art here.

Needing:So...last quarter I did a BAD thing. I neglected to create a paper grading schedule. And that pile of papers grew. And grew. 


A paper mountain, it was.

So for that reason, I am putting myself on a strict paper grading lockdown. It has to happen EVERY WEEK. 

No Excuses. 

This is week one.

I still have until tomorrow.

{insert "I CAN" statement here}

2 Truths and a Fib: Statement 1 was TRUE!! Lion King is one of my favorite movies! For that reason, I can recite every line, sing every song with the same inflection and sound effects...down to the elephant toots. 

Fun Fact: I worked at Disney during college...

Statement 2 was FALSE!! I got sneaky and switched some words in that statement. 

Swap out "Hunger Games" for Harry Potter, and "movies" for last 2 books. Yes, I am the nerd who got my train ticket to Hogwarts and waited in line at midnight to get my copy. 

Both times.

I also joined Pottermore...

Until I was sorted into Hufflepuff. 

Hufflepuff!! (-_-).

So that makes Statement 3....Totally True!

I stopped by the store to get some snacks for my kiddos (when I worked in Houston) and I hopped back in my car...without turning my lights back on. 

It was near the end of the month, when the police are all... let's not go there. Anyway, I hear WHOOP! and pull over. He comes to my window and does his whole "License and Registration." blah blah...

I reach to get it and he goes, "Are you a teacher ma'am?" I say yes and he LITERALLY tips his hat and says, "Have A Nice Morning", and starts to walk away. He says over his shoulder, "Thank you for what you do...turn your lights on."

Thank goodness it was school spirit day. I was decked to the nines in our school memorabilia.

*abrupt ending sound*

Thank you all for reading! Don't forget to comment below. 


Fun Fact: As I typed this it became Sunday. 



  1. Guatemala?!?! That is an opportunity you do not want to let pass you by! I say go for it, you only live once. And if you do, PLEASE come back and blog about so I can live through you. Pretty please! :)

    Now repeat after me:
    I can complete my grading. I can complete my grading. I WILL complete my grading.
    You can do it. Lock yourself in your little cage, turn on Pandora, have the snack bowl close by and you can do it!''

    So glad you did not get a speeding ticket! Hope you have a great week!


    Glitter, Glue & Giggles

    1. I am leaning HEAVY on taking the trip. I just need to know more details, so that I can make the best financial plan of action. If not this summer, it WILL be next. You are right-you only live once. And teaching English internationally is on my bucket list!

      "I can complete my grading. I can complete my grading. I WILL complete my grading."

      It is still early. I have time. If you knew how many students I work with, you would call me extremely lazy.

      Snack bowl? Yum.

      You have a GREAT week also. Thank you for stopping by my blog :-)

  2. I like your new blog. It has great graphics! Can't wait to see all your new additions! I have four kids of my own, one in college already and us moms have a great bag of tricks. I love that you noticed and want a bag someday, too. I would love to go to Guatemala right now to get out of the cold and snow in WI.

    Renee at the Science School Yard

    1. Thank you! It has taking me a while to come up with a blog name and look that I feel gives readers a look at "me" and my teaching style. Gotta love branding.

      It is interesting how my desire to have my own "bag of tricks" came through in writing. I am excited for the day I become a mom. Until then I am enjoying guiding my learners with my teaching "bag of tricks"!

      Warm weather OF ANY KIND would be great right now! I hear I have snow coming my way again. I barely saw my kiddos in January * le sigh*

      Random Fact: Science Rocks! If I could go back and study more with money not a factor, it would be Archaeology. I am fascinated with things and lives that "were".

      Thank you for stopping by my blog.

  3. I loved reading your CURRENTLY! I can tell you are fun and outgoing person. I wish you the best of luck in Guatemala. Awesome job getting out of that ticket. Ps... your name is so cute!


    1. Haha thank you! I commented on how i loved your blog name earlier and had not seen your comment to me!!

      Weird huh?

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I bet you are just as awesome..

      Us "lefties" are all awesome.


      I will be posting whether I decide on Guatemala. The interest meeting for teachers is mid-february now because all of this wonderful snow that keeps falling from the sky. I think me getting out that ticket was the most random experience I have had as a teacher....well I take that back. It is at least top 20.

      Thank you for stopping by and thanks again for your compliments!

      Happy Sunday

  4. First of all, I'm loving that your font looks like I am using a typewriter. Ok - so I have learned that same lesson the hard way before. Currently I am caught up on grading but only because I have a student teacher that is either grading as we finish or teaching so I can get it done. I also love your traffic ticket story. I haven't had that kind of luck. I wish!

    1. oops! Forgot my link

    2. A blogger earlier told me to repeat this over and over:

      I can complete my grading. I can complete my grading. I WILL complete my grading.

      Maybe we should team up and hold each other accountable with weekly "Did you grade" check-in's. You have student teacher so this may not be needed for a little while. It's funny, because I actually have a para, but I love doing my own grades so I can take notes. Which is not weird one bit. lol.

      As soon as I go to blog again I will let you know what font I am using. I love it too.

      It makes me feel like a combination of Carrie Bradshaw and Doogie Howser.

      I laughed when I saw you came back and added your link. I have "blog stalked" your blog before, in the months before I decided to start a blog. I love how clever your blog name is!!

      Thank you for responding to my CURRENTLY :-)

    3. Lol! I might need to add those little quotes onto some sticky notes and put them around my computer. I am all for the "Did you grade" check-ins! Looks like we are on to something because you have some others needing the same thing. Wouldn't it be great to be able to hire someone who does just that like some people do by hiring a maid? Well -- actually I guess that wouldn't work because now I want to take notes on my grading like you mentioned in your reply. Yikes!! I even shared the idea with my hubby who is also a teacher and he did the whole, "hmmm" thing that I did when I read your comment.
      Ok - so I will save the background story about my blog name for another time. It is a great story. Maybe I'll make it a post on the blog. Keep an eye out for it.
      Carrie Bradshaw & Doogie Howser made me LOL!!

  5. I totally need a grading schedule, too. I let it slack for a while, and then a while more... and then it was report card time and I was OUT OF LUCK. That was a bad week! I graded for hours and hours and hours. I have never made a schedule for grading, but it's a really good idea- I am so on that!

    Caffeine and Lesson Plans

    1. You must create a schedule! I have a hard time sticking to it sometimes...what I have found helpful is that I try to grade as I get items. Now all I need to do is put them in.

      Hours and hours of crunch time grading was my life in Quarters 1 and 2.

      Quarter 3 will be different.

      No more paper mountains for either of us.

      I am sending grading vibes your way.

      Thank you for responding to my CURRENTLY!!

  6. Hey, just a quick question...when you said you couldn't find my blog unless you clicked on my name...what did you do first to find it and not see it? If there is a glitch...wanted to fix it:)

    1. I just checked, it says this:

      "Your current account ( does not have access to view this page.
      Click here to logout and change accounts."

      I think that means your page is private.

  7. Hey! I tried to click on it from the CURRENTLY link first. And I get a message that your page was not open to the public or something. Then I came back to my page and clicked your name and accessed it from your profile.


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