It's Five 4 Friday....and Valentines Day!

Hello Five 4 Fridayers!!! It's February 14....the day of L.O.V.E. 

So what better way to celebrate it than to do something I I am again "gettin' up on" this awesome linky party by Doodle Bugs Teaching!

Mommy At The Teacher's Desk

I designed a blog ya'll! I am so pumped and honored that lil ol' me was trusted with such a task. And it came out pretty cute, if i do say so myself. Click on her button {above} to check it out! 

I am curious to know what you think!


Can we say SNOW-mageddon!!! We got soooo much snow it was insane. This picture is from Day 1, so multiply the amount of snow by 2 because it snowed again last night. I was bummed that I didn't get to have our Friendship celebration with my kiddos yesterday (as we were going to be out today for a work day). I am estatic however, to be having a 5-day weekend. 

I will update this post in June when they extend our school year :-/

My snow cation did bring some pretty serious downtime. With that I was able to create some super cute clip art. I have a proposition for you guys......

I am making this awesome art a "Follow Me Freebie". 

Yes, I am pimping out my artwork. 

Here's how you can get it:

Under "Followers" in the right column, click "Join this Site". Select "follow publicly" and click "Follow this Blog". 

(You must follow publicly for the freebie!)

After you follow, leave me a comment with your email and I will email you the freebie. If you are not comfortable with leaving your email below, then send me an email at:

I have found a new gadget that I love. It is called Symbaloo. It allows you to create a homepage with  shortcut buttons of the places you visit the most. I created a homepage for my school computer that has all the whozits and whatzits that I access on a daily basis. I also created a page for my kiddos at my computer workstations. This will alleviate all the "I can't finds"  or "How do you spell's" that interrupt small group and allow students to navigate the computer independently.

Check it out at !

I had a sneaky suspicion that we would not be in school on Thursday so I decided that we would create our Valentine's Day tissue hearts early. My kiddos had a blast. As I demonstrated the activity on the visualizer and walked the room, it was amazing to see their work..

It was soooooo CREATIVE!!!

And of course, I always sneak in a skill that some of them are working on. And this activity was FULL of fine motor practice. 

My kiddos did a GREAT job and were excited to take them home to give to their parents for Valentine's Day!

Okay so NOW it is your turn. Head on over to Doodle Bugs Teaching and "get up on" her linky. It is actually really fun to see a 5-cap about each teacher's week. 

You know I ALWAYS leave you with a lil something extra:

Spoken like a true Sheldon.

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