I am GRATEFUL for.....

Hello, Hello!!  

Did you miss me?

Yesterday I received the nicest post comment from a new bloggy buddy name Angela at Southern Fried Teaching.

Is that not the most clever blog name guys?

But anyway, Angela posted her first linky party and I had to "get up on it." It is called.....

I love this. I think sometimes when the school year is buzzing by, and life "happens" everywhere, I do not stop to think about the good things I have going! I was just thinking about this EXACT thing and then I find out about this linky.

That rocks.

So here goes......


My school- I have a school that is full of student-centered learning, teacher support and parent involvement. This NOT something I could say a few years ago. I think that this school year is showing me the many possibilities I have to make a difference, and the school I am now working at is helping me grow into the teacher that will change lives.


My Mother- I do not even know what t type here to tell you all how grateful I am for my mother. She is a wonderful woman!!!!! It goes without saying that I want to be just like her one day.

Creativity- If you know me outside the bloggy world you know how much my brain is always turning. My hands are always moving and I am always DOING something! I can only thank God for that! I am grateful to be given the talent that I have and the ideas that have me zipping and zooming. 

My Friends- I have an awesome support system. My friends are truly there for me. They are my family. I have had the same group of friends for YEARS and YEARS and they are just as awesome as when we first met. They know what to say and not say, or do and not do when I need them to. If I do not say it enough, I am grateful for ALL of you. 

Life's Lessons- I have sure had my share of those! The thing is, there is always ALWAYS something to gain from them. And when I finally just stop, and let the lesson's happen, I learn something that helps me move closer to when I need to go.  Pay no attention to any random adult tantrum I may have, before I get to letting the lesson happen.....it tend to dig my heels in from time to time!!

Okay, now.....

What are you grateful for? Head over to Southern Fried Teaching and link up with Angela. While you are there, browse a little. She is teaching in Korea right now.!!! Find out why.....


  1. I'm SO glad you linked up! And I'm so glad to have "met" you!

    Love your gratitude list. Being at a school that you love can make or break your year. Don't I know it. And I love, love, love that you are grateful for your mom. My mom died over 14 years ago, and I would love to have known her as an adult.

    Hope you have a great week!
    Southern Fried Teachin’

    1. Thank you so much. What an awesome response. Your post made me tear up some. I am glad to have met you too!!!

      I followed you by email so I am excited to see how the new school year in Korea starts out!

      I am super jealous you get to watch Netflix for now...

      We are gearing up for state testing.. AHHHHHH!!!!

  2. Aww...I made you tear up? I hope good tears!

    I am excited to see how the new school year starts out too. I hear I am getting a new co-teacher for my elementary and middle school classes. We shall see..

    And state testing? I'm sorry. I can't say that I miss that...the stress, the data, the drama, the tears, the hair being pulled out, the stress again... good luck!


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