E..S...WHY-OH-WHY :-/

Before I jump into it..........

Is anyone watching the 
Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family? 

I am the BIGGEST Harry Potter geek. EVER

Man, I have been glued to the telly (lol, yeah I said telly) on and off since friday afternoon watching ALL of the HP films. 

It is 8:30 EST and they are now on the last film.

What's sad hilarious is I own all of the movies and books already.

*shakes head*

Anyway, while I have been watching....

I was creating ESY progress reports (movie screams).

What's ESY?

Extended School Year (ESY), for those who do not know, is summer school for students with special needs. The program focuses on IEP goals that the team feels are crucial skills the students need to work on year round.

Or so they say....

My rant is for "click happy" teachers/ case managers.



So why leave me a IEP with 9 goals- with multiple objectives per goal ...AND MAKE THEM ALL FRICKIN ESY REQUIRED!!!

So basically you are making me retype the IEP and stress on the heck I would try to cover all those goals with the stack of worksheets you printed off super teacher worksheets dot com.

Even further, how come all the students on your load in my class have the same critical goals? And working with them for 2 weeks only so far I see otherwise.

C'mon, you gotta do better people.

Some people get lazy and forget an IEP is a legal document.

Oh, and I am working on the assumption that everyone 
knows what an IEP is that has gotten this far. 

So, what have I been doing for the last 3 hours?
Inputting 7 student goals into word to "proactively" 
prep for progress reports. 

I am not one of those teachers that likes to 
perform under pressure, so I am glad I decided
to sprinkle a little Potter over top of this
busy work.

Now that I am all done I can get back to the magic.

Now if only there was a spell to finish my 
laundry and cook my dinner.

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  1. I had to comment before I even finished reading because -- YES, I'm totally watching the Potterhead marathon!!


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