Crafty Files #3 : Shaped Cards and Tags

Happy Thursday! Today I am hopping online to show off the new card I created for this week Farm Fresh Friday Challenge over at The Greeting Farm. This week, the challenge was to make a shaped card or tag. I created an easel card for the first time, using one of my favorites, Fleur Anya!!

I also played around with some mixed media ideas, using different paper to stamp on. It was a little challenging but I think it gave the card a vintage vibe :-)

I also received some "happy mail". Some flower dies I ordered came in, so I had to test them out. I had never made flowers before; it was a pretty tedious task to be honest, but I loved the results!

Thank you for stopping by to see my creation!

You Oughta Know About....

Happy Saturday Teachers! This weekend I am getting
 "blog-hoppin" happy and linking up with one of my blogger favorites, Jasmine, over at Buzzing With Mrs. McClain

A few other bloggers, along with myself, with be sharing with you guys a few things you "oughta know" for your classroom and for your overall TEACHY piece of mind. 

This month I thought you'd REALLY oughta know about.....


What is Remind? Only the best thing ever!!! Seriously speaking, Remind (which use to be Remind 101) is a FREE texting application that allows you to communicate and connect with parents(and students for secondary teachers). How awesome is that?

*fyi:I have not started school yet, I have included screen grabs compliments of the Remind media link.

As you can see, Remind is available on multiple platforms of technology we use daily. Parents/Students have the option to sign up via text or email. Note: the application is free, but regular service fees would apply. SO, just be mindful if you do not have unlimited texting service on your phone.

What I love best about Remind is that it is CUSTOMIZABLE! You "oughta know" that student/parents can be separated based on courses or class periods. Messages can be sent to whole groups or a small group of individuals. You are also able to send attachments!

Need to log Parent/Student Communication at the end of the year? No problem! You "oughta know" that Remind saves the history of all your messages and allows you to export them into a .pdf document.

Anyone like me have a classroom website or blog? Well you "oughta know" that Remind has a widget. Haha I love widgets.

Here is a screenshot from my class blog:

So now that you know about Remind, now you "oughta know" how to get it. Sign up is easy peasy. Just head over to the Remind Website and sign up for free. Once you do so, you are able to add your class titles and print off  a text/email code to hand out to students. I added my information to my syllabus with a QR code, but Remind 101 even creates a cute little handout with directions for that SMALL population of folks not so "in tune" with technology.

I created a sample below:

So that is Remind in a nutshell! As we are moving forward into incorporating more technology into learning, why not utilize it to keep us connected as well? I really hope I provided you with enough information to have you heading on over there later to sign up!

But first, I Mustache that you continue to 
"get your hop on" with a few other Oughta Knowers!

Crafty Files #2: Back to School

Today I am linking up with another Farm Fresh Challenge over at The Greeting Farm blog. This week's theme was to make a card to represent back to school. As a teacher that is CLEARLY what is on my brain these days, so I decided to use Teacher Anya!

Here is my entry. 
I am really getting the hang of card making. And a new pair of scissors did the trick, so "fussy cutting" was not my demise-yay.

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things :-)

Come in from the beach. Drop your remotes. Brush your teeth.

You know, all the things you’ve been slacking on for a few months.
Why? Its that time of year again teachers.


It’s BACK TO SCHOOL (Da da daaaaaa *dramatic scream*)

And yes, you have to. There are students out there who need you!

So, its time to take chances on differentiated learning practices.

Make mistakes in/on (I’ll let you reflect on that in teaching confidence-lol)

Get messy from grading the infamous paper mountain.

It’s time to do your stuff!

And what better way to motivate us to get back in the “swing of things” than to reflect on the things that make us smile inside and out.

Entrer la Linky

"Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens,
 bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens".


A few of my new bloggy buddies and I are linking up to share a few of our favorite must-haves that add that extra #btstwinkle we need to get us through the opening weeks that set the precedent for 10 months of student learning.

Whew! Can you say that 5 times fast?

Anywho... so for a few minutes, kick up your feet,
one last time and enjoy.

#1: School SWAGG

Nothing get’s me in the learning mood like my school shirts and polo’s.
CONFESSION: I have 8 school tees and 1 Polo.
Call me crazy. Call me lazy, but I love that finding something to wear is one less thing for me to worry about.

#: 2 Paper mate Flair Pens

Nothing spells grading and planning (or writing in general) like multi-colored pens.  I get motivated just writing with them-lol.
Seriously, I think these were the best pens ever made.

FYI: Usually Staples has them for super cheap.

#3: The Egg McMuffin of Teacher Planners

So I will not go into detail too much about the Erin Condren bandwagon. But lets say I am very excited to crack this open. A planner in general is an awesome idea for getting through the year. Gone are the days of paper lesson plan books as a staple, but I think it is good to always have a hard copy to supplement your electronic lifestyle.

I am a teacher robot.

#4: Desktop Manager

I can see your expression through the screen.
 More organization? You guys have no idea.

Well you might.

How many of you guys have a folder labeled “junk” or “skfhk”  or “random files” on your desktop. BETTER YET, who can see their desktop?

I bet it is covered with files right now. Go and look- lol

I am a Special Education Teacher so my job comes with paperwork, meetings and dates by the boat load. Along with that, there is this whole “remaining in compliance” thingy that connects me with employment.

So, in order to remain on top of things I need to be able to find them.

#5:My excessive TOMS collection

(sadly, some TOMS were not available for paparazzi)

Do not judge me.
I love TOMS. They can be dressed up or down. And they are low maintenance. Gone are the days of laces or clicky ( it’s a word I swear) heels that I almost always manage to slip/trip in.  And every time I buy a pair, TOMS donates a pair to a person in need. How stink in' awesome is that?

#6: My Teacher on-the-go tote.

Because Teaching IS my bag baby, yeah. 

#7: Mustache Cutie-palooza!!

I could NOT pass these up! What better way to store the things I love
than in a MUSTACHE!! I am so excited about this!!! And yes, the purple is for 
my personal use and the black is for work. (Or vice versa...thoughts?)

One Happy EduCARER!!!

If you made it this far in my miles of rambling kiss your brain.

Oh, and your reading is not in vain.
It’s a massive link up, so there had to be prizes.

The Bloggy Buds and I have a major stash of giveaways and prizes up for grabs. We are talking SIT SPOTS, TEACHER TEES, and AMAZON VOUCHERS.


Maybe you fell in love with something from my
must-have list and you….must-have it? *brain farts

Oh the joy!!! Oh the Rafflecopter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

“I Mustache” you head on over to these blogs and read-up on a few of their favorite things. Follow them and myself on social media for more chances to win!

CURRENTLY splashin' into August!!

I swear I blinked and August arrived.


And that means it's almost the end of summer.

(insert sad face).

But it also means that I am this months 


Woot! Woot! *fist pumps*

Well, I am fist pumping in spirit.

I am exhausted, ESY ended yesterday.


but anyway.....

Thank you lots Farley!

Did I mention I was exhausted?

Yes, so this will be BRIEF.

We are all forever learners and EVERYTHING 
I wrote is self explanatory.


What are some of your must haves for Back2School?

Comment them down below and on instagram with 
the hashtag above. A couple bloggers and myself 
are sharing our faves in a cute lil hop.

Check back tomorrow-ish for a chance to
win some Back 2 School swagg and/or cash.


You know you love Rafflecopters.