I Mustache, How's it going?

Hello! I am excited to say that my blogging journey has begun. For the past few months I have been a COMPLETE teacher blog stalker. To my defense, I could not resist.... thank you all for posting some awesomtastic (totally a word) resources! The teaching world is truly a community, and I am blessed to be a part of such a rewarding career.

Homework for the Teachers

Okay this is where I need your help! Think back (or peek at your archives) at your very first blog post. What was it about? Compare how your blogging style has,or has not changed. For example," How have you changed as a teacher?" That could be teaching styles, grade levels, locations, etc.  My journey is new, so I would love to hear about the things that kept(and are keeping) you motivated.....even when your mind is constantly tweaking ideas, and you are up to your ears in "student learning".

Grows and Glows

Okay, last thing. I want to know what you have learned from your experiences. What is one thing you are most proud of (Glows) and something that you had to really "practice-learn-repeat" to get it down(Grows)? As a fairly newbie to the field I feel like I simultaneously figure something out AND discover something I do not know every.single.day. It's not like that always....or is it?

I really hope you take some time and respond. I would love to get to know every teacher blogger I can, and I cannot wait to welcome you into my world. I plan to use this blog as my own little "transference of information" station. Look out for my experiences, totally awesome do-it-yourself crafts for classroom decor as well as crafty learning activities for the kiddos. 

Thank you for reading and welcome to my new blog!

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