Five for...Frunday? + another Sunday Funday Link-up!

Blogger Buddies: Where have YOU been the last two F4F link-ups?

Me: ........ ..

*Accio EXCUSE!!*


Seriously, all I can come up with is, I was extremely busy. 
With the end of the year vastly approaching, it felt like ALL my deadlines have come up at once.

And I was so overjoyed.

Now that the week is over I am so READY to celebrate two of my favorite linky addictions. 

"Hold on ti-eat, it's gonna be a "BUMPAY RIE-DE*"
- Jamaican Shrunken head.

*as a courtesy, I left out the shrunken head pic from the movie...he looks super gross!*


Focus Emerald!!!

Like I was going to say....

I am linking up with Mrs. Kacey from Doodle Bugs Teaching for 

And I am also linking up with Molly and Deidre for their 

Here the 5 things I am most excited about.....
(Some have happened and some WILL happen in the near future!)

Observation Three

Have you EVER felt like this? 

I the past.

This week I had my 3rd observation.


Backstory: I am not a "new new" teacher, but I am new to the district AND to Elementary Special Education. 

SO it was my 3rd observation with this district.


Anyway, I usually get nervous when extra people want to invade my teaching bubble. 

FYI: my class = my bubble. 

But, I have been pretty successful thus far with getting my observations over and done..

BTW, I DO appreciate the feedback.

My school has awesome leadership.

Which is a 180 degree different from my VERY first 
gig back in 2010....

 but I digress.

I was slightly nervous at first for observation 3.


1. This unit has been pretty hard on them.

(I LOVE FRACTIONS!!- says no 3rd grade student EVER.)

2. We have been testing. AND TESTING!!!
3. I go a new students and...
4. There is one student who....
 I am not quite sure what is happening with her.

Moving on.....

I was determined this week would be awesome so...
 I did NO DOG AND PONY SHOW lesson!!

As teachers YOU know what that is.

We were completely ourselves and in our element.

My kiddos SURPRISED ME with how much they remembered
 and their High-level responses.


So I asked them harder questions. 

And got detailed responses. 


*Fast forward to end of day*

I wanted to get my post reflection out of the way,
 so I requested it electronically.

I got this email:

Translation: You nailed Observation # 3.

Chick Adoptions

I snagged a cute little Spring activity from Christi at Mrs. Fultz Corner, titled Chick Adoptions.

With this activity, students can take care of a baby chick plush or peep and it includes coordinating activities, such as word problems, writing prompts and the chicken life cycle.

I am not selling it so if you need more info, check out Christi's post here.

My kids loved it!!!
We had an Peep Hunt in our classroom and we completed adoption certificates. Students named their Peep,drew a picture and signed the certificate.


FYI: I am not their writing teacher so they were 
so proud of my swooning over their cursive handwriting.

Kite Day

I am at a lost for words to describe Kite Day.

I have 8 third graders. Then my co-teacher was out, so the 4th grade crew (9 students) stopped by.

Plus 3 classes of at least 25- 3rd graders each (75 students).

Where two of those classes had substitutes (-_-)

Then I turned my head and a few 2nd grade classes were out there.


But the kids were having a blast!

We stayed out for about an hour or so...

I do not know where the other teachers were, but I am protective of my bunch so I was in on the action.

I think I fixed about 10 kite casualties. 

And of course one of my kiddos did not

" keep away from the trees"

And he got his kite stuck.

I tried, but I could not get it down.

Then he made this face:

Thank God I had an extra kite.

Baltimore Museum of Industry

This week we had a visit from the Baltimore Museum of Industry.

3rd grade rotated from class to class to participate 
in some pretty cool activities.

Assembly Lines: They created an assembly line similar 
to what Mr. Ford's company developing to 
maximize car distribution.

The Marble Challenge: Similar to roller coaster design, 
they created tubes to bring various size marbles through 
straight and looped designs.


Go the Distance: Who could create a car that would go the farthest? My rotation group had a team with a car that went 17 feet!! It was a group of girls so our 3rd grade fellas were not happy-lol.

The Hogwarts Express and Diagon Alley

I will own my nerdiness on this one.....
Universal is building Diagon Alley!!!!


What is awesome is that is in a different park than their Hogsmeade, so park goers will have the option to take the Hogwarts Express between the two locations.

I cannot stand the excitement!!!

It opens sometime this summer!!

I cannot wait...

So much that  signed up for updates.

Nerd right? lol.

This was the reason for the Harry Potter references earlier.


I know I said 5, but this also 

MUST be said.....

For the next week, I will be relaxing and 
taking some much needed "me" time.

And I have no excuse to not link up next week/ or pop online
(in some fashion) to tell you ALL about it!

How was your week last week? What are you looking forward to?

Link up and share your thoughts, plans and blessings!


  1. Enjoy your spring break! I am just finishing mine... One week closer to the end of the year! :) I love Daria! And congrats on your third observation, that rebel wilson clip is hilarious!

    Alexis ♥ Laugh. Eat. Learn.

  2. Good onya for having an excellent observation! You go girl! I am so lucky that you are on Spring Break. I don't get a break until July. Ugh. LOVE Pitch Perfect too!
    Southern Fried Teachin’

  3. YAY for your rigorous observation! I was able to opt out of a formal observation this year. All I was required was four walkthroughs....two announced, two unannounced. I'm pretty sure they are over because I saw my evaluation score in the computer not too long ago. The kite day sounds super fun, but I'm pretty sure I'd probably have blood pressure issues worrying about the kites in the trees.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  4. Your post is hysterical! I'm so happy our blogs found one another! :) Congrats on the excellent observation!


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