My Bloggin' Self

Hello! Hello!

So, I have not been my usual bloggy self. 

I looked to my right to see I was BARELY here during April.

Not joining in on my favorite link parties.

I can explain it in one word.


I am trying not to get it but, with the change of weather it's been coming for me.

And it is bringing along it's entourage : EOY Testing, EOY Lazies, EOY Student Behaviors...and Spring Allergies.

I know that doesn't go but...meh.

You get it.

But I had to come on an tell you about a few things I am excited about....

You Ready?

A New LOOK!!

I am the most impatient person on the planet. 

So when I signed up with Megan and was wait listed..AHHH!

I did not think I would survive.

But after months of blog stalking her designs.....

Hitting refresh.....

and emailing MILLION of pre-design questions.....

I am next !!!

I am the most excited person on the planet!


Like the nerd that I am, I love getting mail. Of all kinds, except bills. 


So I signed up with Jameson over at Lesson With Coffee for her S.L.A.N.T box linky. Read about it here.

I spoke with my match-up who is suppose to send my package tomorrow. Yay! Stay tuned I will be blogging ALL ABOUT IT. 

And I already signed up for May. Head on over! Deadline is May 3rd.

The Final One

Lastly, Tuesday I will be done-zo with ALL my observations for the year! Woo Hoo!!

Not that it will change my teaching style, but I will not be stressed about all the additional teacher evaluation meeting and paperwork. One less thing to do.

One less. Haha, I totally thought about that commercial that HAS NOTHING to do with anything right now.

Anywho, this post was inspired by my bloggy buddies:

Deidre from A Burst of First 

What Sunday Funday things would you like to share? 

Check out their blogs and link up!!!

Sidenote: Deidre just got a blog update that is super cute from the fabulous Megan....who is doing my blog!!!


  1. You're getting a new blog design? But I love the one you have now. I"m sure it will be awesomeness though because all of the Bird in Hand designs are super cute! Congrats on being done with your observations! I have end-of-year-itis too. Lol!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. I just got a new look for my blog and love it! I can't wait to see what Megan comes up with for you!



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