This is NOT a Test

I know I missed my usual "Let's Talk Tuesday" but I cannot hold this inside.

Student Testing.

More like the FREQUENCY of it.

And this year with our transition into Common Core, testing has been quite frequent.

Take a deep breath.

Testing has not been a new concept, and in theory data can help you to customize learning for your students. But sometimes it I feel like it is doing more harm than good; by making learning extremely exhausting for students and teachers.

Anyone preparing for End- of-Year Teacher Evals, Portfolios or Exit Procedures?

Oh My.

This is our pilot year with our new teachers framework and Common Core Standards. In hindsight, I am pretty excited about a universal plan for learning. But getting there is gonna be tough cookies.

So as a requirement of the new evaluation procedures for teachers, we are measured as a teacher based on how our students perform on tests created to trick  students "extend student thinking and ability to apply learning in a performance based format". 

I am a Comprehensive Special Education Teacher, so I created Student Learning Goals (SLO's) to address foundational skills my students struggle with, specifically basic addition/multiplication fluency. We worked on multiple strategies and skills for students to show growth on these skills without resorting to using a calculator. I am  in know way negating any accommodations they may have; showing growth with the calculator has improved student confidence and motivation, and addresses goals of students striving toward solving multi-digit addition/subtraction problems with and without regrouping.

Sorry for my tangent. I can be pretty annoying passionate sometimes.

Anyway we tested on that last week. And got them scored and we completed our personal growth bar graphs.

YES!! We are finished.


I was told we had one more district test, with a short window. It was about 11 questions, with a few BCR's (Performance Tasks), but I was able to start and finish it with 3rd grade today, ready to tackle it with 4th tomorrow. Easy Peasy.


I found out at dismissal that we somehow missed a test. A 60 question EOY. With both 4th and 3rd. 


First of all, there is a month and a half remaining, so why are we taking an EOY so early? Students have a month of learning left. Some material I haven't covered completely/at all.

Did I mention it has 60 questions? Because it does.

And here is the kicker. The deadline is Friday. But my classes won't be here Friday due to the Special Olympics.

So tomorrow is the ONLY day I have.

60  frickin questions! And my kiddos get verbatim reading.

I may just die.

When does student learning get to happen!!!!

Does anyone else get the Testing Overkill Blues?

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  1. I've read your blog a few times and I love the redesign! It looks great!


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