a GOOD student is.....

I am attempting to redeem myself.

This is the last week of school and 

" If You Mustache..."


I have been exhausted. That is why 
I have not blogged since last Wednesday.

But today I had a can of soda... 
and am suddenly filled with ZING! again.

(backstory: I am not a caffeine drinker)

SO I thought I'd share the End-of-year gifts I just made.

A Good Student Is.....

Here is a closer up:

Yeah, so I am totally running  girls gone wild with this 
personalized/monogram stuff.

That is because I am patiently waiting for the SLANT that got away

( Stay tuned for a post this week to explain ^^^).

Just in case you were born into blogging without research,
those super cute images are from the one and only


Make sure you check out her store (here).

Even though all bloggers probably own at least one 
thing from her story already.

It is a rule.

By the way, today I am linking up with 4th Grade Frolics
and her Monday Made it linky party. Have you made anything
cool for/with your kiddos to close out the year?

Then link up :-)

Note: I made something else for a buddy of mine.

She reads my blog so I cannot debut it until tomorrow.

I am getting ready to deliver it to her today!

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