Wordless Wednesday: EOY Be Like.....

Good evening all. Before I get to the Wordless Part, I have to explain.

Talk About It Tuesday will resume AFTER all of my End-of- Year running around is over.

And it will NOT be I Wanna Marry Harry.

I smell a dud with that show. A whopping one.  

Hashtag Channel Flipper.

Anywho, with my school year ending in a little over a week, I decided this "Wordless Wednesday"
needed a little Zing.


Corny joke.

But yeah, have you seen those "Be Like" memes? 
They describe certain situations. (GOOGLE IT).

Well I Officially dub this:


Okay, now mums the word....besides the question.

It's the END of the year. You are tired.
Which picture corresponds to the following:

1. A Stack of UNGRADED papers.
2. The Inquisitive Student 



Post your guesses below. 

Can you come up with questions
 for pictures A and B?

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