It's Currently time....June!!!!

I am winding down my day, but of course I could not POSSIBLY 
not link up with Farley for this months CURRENTLY.

Wait-no that's right.

Anyway, I love this linky to "infinity and beyond" so...

(insert clever and witty leading sentence here)


Like EVERY weekend, I got stuck watching some aimless movie marathon. Today it was on the Hallmark Channel.

Is it a total girl thing to get sucked in by these movies?

Anyway, today I am watching Three Weeks, Three Kids. Which is
somewhat like that Kate Hudson movie when she is the cool Aunt,
except her sister is not dead, she just is on vacation.

And Anna Chumsky is playing the cool Aunt.

It is super hard to not remember her like this:

Sorry for all the double negatives.
It's like I can't not use them.



My new obsession is Copics Markers and 
Digital Stamps (DS). I clearly have been living 
underneath a rock to not know about them. 

SO for the past week I have been 
"making up for lost time".

My poor wallet.

But I am hoping this hobby eventually pays for itself.
I plan to create some handmade cards and crafts,
along with my crayon art and open up a little
online shop. 

After I master blending.

Does anyone use Copic Markers?


I ran across a new show the other day.

I Wanna Marry Harry

It is a Bachelor type show, where the American women
think they are vying for the attention of Prince Harry.

But obviously it is an impersonator.

This will be the topic of my Talk About It Tuesdays.

(And sometimes a little Teen Wolf.)

Anyway, do you think he looks like Prince Harry?


As I have been building my crafting repertoire,
I have noticed a lack of something.

So a goal of mine is to create a craft corner.
* sirens wail for the nerd police*

That way I can hoard house all my crafty goodies
in one super cute place.

I am excited already!


I don't want to talk about it.

But I can't not talk about it.

Messy Monsters have invaded my condo. 

No image needed.

Just picture Wreck-it-Ralph's house with walls.

or Grouch's Dumpster

I need to do better.

But I own a lot of things.Does anyone have tips for 
organizing a small space?


This may be SUPER annoying but I am going to type 
exactly what is on my CURRENT pic.

1. Pray More- this is a personal goal of mine. Words cannot describe how God has blessed me. And I do not feel like I take out enough time in a day to talk to thank Him. So I plan to make prayer and reflection more of a staple in my daily routine.

2. Copic Blending Master- This is a must because right now I suck!
Okay, not "suck" but I am not very good. 

It is new so I do not see how I thought I would rock it right away. As I finish getting more color families, I know my DS will look much better. And of course, PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!

3. More Tpt Products- Now that my first year in this new district is coming to a close, I can re-attach my head to my body. I feel a lot less frazzled and can focus on create products for my kiddos next year. And I plan to share!! Also, I plan to make things related to the subjects I teach, and cross-curriculars.

Anyone have suggestions on what they wanna see in my store?

4. Making Handmade Cards- I wanna be the craftiest crafter ever! With that, I will be making Handmade Cards. Woop! Woop!

Out of respect for artists alike I will not be Google Snatching an image here. Feel free to google card making at your own leisure.

5. Set up my EC Planner- I am itching to decorate my planner! I can show you better than I can tell you so stay tuned this summer for a video and blog post!!!

6. Exercise Regime- I am gonna be honest,I need to be in a gym. 
And fast.

I have a membership to Gold's Gym and have been giving them money for months. Emerald you should be ashamed of yourself!!

Summer will be different.

I know how much you want to continue to read as I ramble on.

And on....

And ON!!!

But what you ought to do is head on over to Oh Boy 4th Grade

and "Get up on" the CURRENTLY Linky. And do not forget 
Farley's Famous Rule of 3. 

Hello to those who followed directions and are now reading this!


  1. I ALWAYS get sucked into Hallmark or Lifetime movies! Some are so bad, but I still watch!

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

  2. He kind of looks like Harry, but I have to look closely! Lol! Praying more is always something I am striving for! Have a great summer!

  3. My daughter LOVES Harry but I don't think she knows about this show?!?! I must now tell her!

    I think you should use your new marker obsession to write in your EC planner! I just discovered a similar counterpart over at C. Jayne Teach and may have to splurge on one for myself!

    I am trying to clean up my messy condo and make a craft/sewing corner for myself as well. It is just a lost cause in these last five days of school though. June 10th is my "Clean Sweep" target date!


  4. Those markers look SO FUN.

    Good luck with the bucket list!

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings

  5. I must be living under a rock, too. I've not heard of those! I also have dreams of a great organized space for my "stuff"!

  6. Cute Blog! I would love a craft room, but honestly, I'd love a huge closet. oh well.. a gal can dream!

  7. Nooooooo, I don't think he looks like Harry at all!!! I need to see this show.
    Love your blog name ;-)


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