Holy Cannoli!

......is EXACTLY what I said when I opened my May 
SLANT box from Amanda over at Third Grade Fabulous.

I know June us 1/2 way over, and I am "revealing" 
a May SLANT but a.) my EOY is still happening and b.) this
box has taken a journey from NC to MD to NC to MD.

Because I forgot my own address I will not be explaining why.

Anyways.....I present:


May was all about getting to know your matches, 
and building a SLANTER/SLANTEE bond. 

Amanda and I did just that. And the proof is in her
ABSOLUTELY "nailing it" with the awesome box "innards".

Yes, I sometimes overuse quotations.

What made the box extra special were the bazillion post-it
notes she added in. Okay not a bazillion, but....

Here are two examples:

Isn't that so press?


I absolutely loved my box! Thank you Amanda!!!

Make sure you guys go check out her blog!!

And if you are interested in the Summer SLANT 
box or information on SLANT
go blog stalk browse the wonderful 
Jameson, from Lessons with Coffee

Lessons With Coffee  The SLANT Box Exchange

Summer SLANT sign-ups do not close until the 22nd of June!!!


  1. Yaaayyy!!! That slant box looks amazing :-)

  2. Your box looks super awesome and fun :D haha no surprise about the mustaches

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings

  3. I am SO glad you liked your SLANTbox! I really enjoyed getting to know you Emerald.

  4. This is so cute! What an amazing package to come home to!
    I love your blog- I'm your newest follower (via Bloglovin) and I'm super excited because I also teach fourth grade, but in Virginia! Not too far away!!
    Fourth Grade Lemonade


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